Infinity and Beyond Programme | Coomera Anglican College

Primary Enrichment – Infinity and Beyond

The Infinity and Beyond Programme is a term encompassing a range of educational programmes designed to support all students to achieve their potential. It is underpinned by the belief that every child brings unique strengths and aptitudes to their learning, which need to be acknowledge and catered for to maximise individual outcomes. 

This year, the Infinity and Beyond Programme provided a number of opportunities for students to be challenged through in-class extension, pull out initiatives and extra-curricular competitions, including but not limited to reading enrichment classes, spelling extension, the Year Six Maths Mentorship Programme, ICAS Maths and English participation.

One of the many highlights of the year was our success in the da Vinci Decathlon competition. During Semester One, two teams of students from Year Five and Year Six were selected to take part in the da Vinci Decathlon State Competition at Nudgee College.  The testing arena allowed students the feeling of walking into a sporting stadium with a multitude of teams ready to do battle. With a range of topics and subjects to cover, this was a day that saw students participate in intensive problem-solving and collaboration, as competitors were pushed to their intellectual limits.  We were very delighted to come first in the Art category in both the Year Five and Year Six competitions as well as achieving third in the General Knowledge category.  Congratulations to all of the students involved in the da Vinci Decathlon.

A major component of Infinity and Beyond in 2019 was the Future Problem Solvers - Global Issues Programme.  This is where teams of students investigated and researched four relevant real-world topics across the year and submitted work for marking and feedback.  This culminated with a qualifying submission in Term Three, which formed part of a national competition involving many teams across Australia.  This year saw topics such as ‘To the Moon, Mars and Beyond’, ‘Drones’, ‘Food Loss and Waste’ and ‘Coping with Stress’.  What was memorable about this programme was that it strongly encouraged students to work and collaborate as a team; a skill that is becoming increasingly important in today’s workforce.  This type of learning allows for deep brainstorming and ideation, decision-making and colourful debate at times.