Infinity and Beyond Programme | Coomera Anglican College

The Infinity and Beyond programme is designed for students who have been appropriately identified as performing at an exceptional level for their chronological age.  As well as exhibiting this ability, students must also demonstrate they would benefit from participating in an extension programme through their attitude and approach to all academic learning.

Within the programme students will be encouraged to develop higher order thinking skills, extend their love for learning and develop processing, reasoning, enquiring, creative thinking and evaluation skills.  The development of these skills and abilities will be achieved through each student’s interaction with a variety of resources and other students with similar abilities within a range of areas such as English, Humanities, Mathematics, Science and Technology. 

The identification of students is undertaken very carefully, utilising information and assessment from class learning, including testing prior to participation and upon completion of selected sub-tests of a standardised IQ test.  Students must maintain their class work and achievement to a very high standard.  Students may be eligible to participate some years and not others, depending on their ability to maintain an exceptionally high standard of class work. 

We are pleased that the Infinity and Beyond programme has been operating successfully over many years in the Primary campus and our students have been involved in a wide range of external competitions including the da Vinci decathlon and the Androids Alive.