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Junior Ethics Olympiad: Nurturing Ethical Awareness and Critical Thinking Skills

In a celebration of academic excellence and ethical awareness, a group of outstanding Year 5 and Year 6 students were recently selected to participate in the highly anticipated Junior School Ethics Olympiad Competition for 2023. These exceptional students were chosen based on a combination of factors, including ACER testing, student achievement, creative thinking tasks, and valuable input from their teachers.

The Ethics Olympiad is a distinctive National competition that encourages students to collaboratively analyse and discuss real-life ethical issues. Unlike traditional debates, participants do not take on assigned opposing views. Instead, they defend their own positions and are evaluated on their ability to think deeply, carefully, and perceptively about the ethical dilemmas presented. The primary objective of the competition is to promote ethical awareness, foster critical thinking skills, encourage civil discourse, facilitate international engagement, and cultivate an appreciation for diverse perspectives.

To ensure a high level of readiness for the competition, the selected students had been attending weekly sessions dedicated to analysing and discussing ethical decision-making within various case studies. These sessions provided them with a platform to explore ethical dilemmas, engage in philosophical discussions, and refine their analytical and reasoning abilities. Additionally, the participants had the opportunity to attend a Training Clinic conducted via Zoom, which further enhanced their understanding of ethical frameworks and decision-making processes. This interactive and engaging experience was instrumental in equipping the students with the necessary skills to excel in the Ethics Olympiad.

The College community takes great pride in congratulating the remarkable Year 5 and Year 6 students who have earned the privilege of representing our school in two teams, in this prestigious competition.  One of our teams placed third in the overall competition, securing a Bronze Medal.

These students demonstrated outstanding potential and their achievements serve as a testament to the rich talent within our College community.