Gold Coast Big Ideas Challenge | Coomera Anglican College

Gold Coast Big Ideas Challenge

Fifteen talented students from Coomera Anglican College's Years 7 to 9 recently had the opportunity to unleash their innovative potential at the Gold Coast Big Ideas Challenge, hosted by Somerset College. 

Powered by Future Anything and supported by the Department of Tourism, Innovation, and Sport, this was a transformative experience for these young minds as they immersed themselves in a day filled with listening, learning, and doing. The Gold Coast Big Ideas Challenge provided a unique platform for our students to collaborate, learn from inspiring speakers, and develop their entrepreneurial thinking and human-centered design skills—all while leveraging the power of Sports Tech to address key community challenges.

With an emphasis on real-world learning and engaging in a "Shark Tank"-style pitch experience, our students were encouraged to think creatively and come up with innovative solutions that can make a difference.

During the Gold Coast Big Ideas Challenge, our students had the privilege of hearing from some of Australia's most inspiring changemakers. These industry leaders shared their journeys and insights, igniting the passion and curiosity of our young innovators. By interacting with these influential figures, our students were able to expand their horizons, gain invaluable knowledge, and be inspired to dream big.

Working in teams, our students collaborated intensively to develop their own unique solutions to a specific community challenge using Sports Tech. Guided by mentors and facilitators, they embarked on a journey of creativity and problem-solving, applying their enterprising thinking and human-centered design skills to craft innovative proposals. This hands-on approach not only strengthened their understanding of Sports Tech but also encouraged them to consider the broader implications of their ideas, fostering a sense of responsibility and empathy for the community.

By attending as a group, our students had the opportunity to work closely with their peers, drawing upon their diverse talents and perspectives to tackle challenges collectively. This collaborative environment and approach helped nurture their interpersonal skills, resilience, and ability to work effectively as part of a team—an invaluable asset for their future endeavors.

The Gold Coast Big Ideas Challenge was more than just a one-day event; it was an opportunity for our students to be part of something greater. By participating in this immersive experience, they joined a network of aspiring changemakers, forging connections with like-minded individuals and industry professionals. 

The knowledge gained, and relationships built during this challenge will continue to shape our students’ growth and development long after the event has concluded.