College Employment | Coomera Anglican College

Coomera Anglican College is a leading Gold Coast school, developing young minds in a nurturing, supporting and future-focused learning environment, from Early Learning and Preparatory through to Year 12. 

The College Purpose is to Inspire Excellence in Teaching, Learning, Service, and Faith.  We focus on delivering a holistic approach to education by embedding well-being at the core of the curriculum.  We are future focused on ensuring that our students are ready for a future that we do not yet know and that they are prepared to make a significant contribution to the global community.  

Coomera Anglican College employs a variety of staff across different areas, including:

  • Early Learning and Outside School Hours Care
  • Teaching and Support
  • Business and Administration
  • Facilities and Maintenance 
  • Faith and Service
  • Technology and Innovation
  • Sports Academies
  • Cocurricular
  • Music Academy

As a College and an employer, we are committed to professional development and supporting all of our staff through their own educational journey. 

If you would like to register for relief or supply teaching, please fill out the form below. 

Current Vacancies

As an Anglican school that aspires to offer every student the very best in faith, academics, sporting, arts and service learning, Coomera Anglican College has always valued Wellbeing. We are now seeking to invest even more in this crucial area and through that investment, create even better wellbeing outcomes for our students.