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Many Minds, One Heartbeat

At Coomera Anglican College we recognise that our students, parents, contractors and suppliers, past students, volunteers, staff and supporters are all integral members in our College community.

Many Minds, One Heartbeat

We work closely with independent business and local community groups offering additional services and sharing with the local community our wonderful facilities, such as our fitness centre, dance studios, auditorium and indoor and outdoor sports facilities

Each year, the College hosts community and sports events which bring a great many people together from all around the Gold Coast. Our students are encouraged to support the local community and we welcome local businesses to support our own fundraising efforts.  We are more than a College - we are an integral part of our students' lives and the lives of their families. A strong community is important to us and we invite you to become part of it!  For all events information, please see our Events page 

  • Participating in work experience with local businesses
  • Volunteering for community organisations and promotions (eg: Clean Up Australia Day; Year 9 Community Work Week)
  • Fundraising for local charities
  • Joining sporting, academic and cultural experiences through excellence workshops and competitions and tours to local, rural and interstate schools
  • Participating in international cultural tours and hosting visiting students from interstate and overseas