Artist in Residence: Therese Flynn-Clarke | Coomera Anglican College

Artist in Residence: Therese Flynn-Clarke

Art has always been a medium for expressing creativity and connecting with the world around us. 

For Year 9 Art students at Coomera Anglican College, this connection was taken to new heights during a series of workshops held at the College and led by esteemed artist and educator, Therese Flynn-Clarke. Known for her diverse range of artistic skills and her deep appreciation for the natural world, Therese provided the students with a unique opportunity to explore the wonders of various art forms.

Therese Flynn-Clarke is a multifaceted artist who employs a myriad of mediums, including basketry, sculptural fibre art, eco-dyeing, wearable art, ceramics, and mixed media. Her art is a reflection of her profound connection to nature, which serves as a boundless source of inspiration and materials for her works. With a wide array of artistic achievements under her belt, including numerous exhibitions and awards, Therese has also made a significant impact as an arts educator and tutor.

Over the years, Therese has conducted workshops at various levels, ranging from tertiary education institutions to early childhood settings. She has also provided valuable guidance to fellow teachers in arts education and practical skills, enriching the artistic community through her engagement in galleries, exhibitions, and community events.

One of Therese's most notable traits is her unwavering dedication to her craft. As an active participant in multiple community arts groups and events across a broad area, she continues to inspire and collaborate with fellow artists and enthusiasts alike.

By nurturing their creativity and providing insight into her deep connection with the natural world, Therese has undoubtedly left a lasting impact on these young artists, inspiring our students to explore the boundless possibilities of art further.

Our Year 9 Art students at Coomera Anglican College were undoubtedly privileged to learn from such a skilled and experienced artist as Therese Flynn-Clarke