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Coomera Anglican College invites students from Years 7 to 12 2021 to apply for scholarships. 

Our scholarships reward students from Year 7 to Year 12 for general excellence and commitment to academic, sporting and music/artistic pursuits. 

Scholarships are initially based on the results of our scholarship examination and a resume of achievements if applying for an excellence scholarship.  

Scholarship Process

An online application and fee through the ACER Scholarship website (link to be released soon) will need to be submitted by the closing date for students to be considered for the scholarship. 

Following an application, students will sit an examination at Coomera Anglican College. 

Coomera Anglican College utilises the ACER Scholarships Tests, academic results and cocurricular reports as part of the process. The ACER test requires students to demonstrate a range of skills such as the ability to interpret, infer, deduce and think critically.  

In the weeks following the examination results being finalised, shortlisted applicants will be contacted to arrange an interview with the Principal.  Music scholarship shortlisted applicants will be asked to attend an audition and an interview.

Scholarship Terms and Conditions

The discount, length and number of scholarships offered is dependent on the number and quality of applicants in each year and the final decision is at the discretion of the College Council. In most cases, the discount is between 25-50% of Tuition Fees. Scholarships remain current to the end of Year 9 (if applying for entry at Year 7, 8 or 9) or to the end of Year 12 (if applying for entry to Year 10, 11 or 12).

Retention of a Scholarship is subject to annual review and satisfactory levels of performance, involvement and behaviour by the recipient. Year 9 students holding a Junior Secondary Scholarship that expires at the end of Year 9 need to reapply AT THE START OF YEAR 9 for the opportunity to continue the scholarship into Years 10 - 12.

If you require more information please contact 07 5585 9900 or email: