Ponytail Project 2023 | Coomera Anglican College

Ponytail Project 2023

In an impressive display of team spirit and philanthropy, 17 exceptional Coomera Anglican College Year 12 students and four dedicated staff members participated in the Cancer Council’s “Ponytail Project.”

The Ponytail Project is a remarkable initiative that empowers individuals to make a tangible impact in the fight against cancer. This inspiring project encourages participants to fundraise and grow out their hair which will then be cut and donated to make wigs for cancer patients undergoing treatment. 

It also serves as a symbol of unity and compassion, bringing communities together in the shared mission to improve the lives of individuals impacted by cancer. Through this project, the Cancer Council showcases the power of collective action and highlights the importance of supporting those on their cancer journey.

Each Coomera Anglican College student and teacher who participated in the Ponytail Project had their own personal motivations, whether it be a connection to someone affected by cancer or a deep desire to contribute to this incredible cause. Their commitment and efforts have truly been astounding.

The fundraising journey embarked upon by our Year 12 students and staff members exemplifies the values of compassion and corporate citizenship. Through their dedication and the overwhelming support of our College community, the girls raised an astounding sum of over $17,000, surpassing their initial goal of $10,000. Their commitment set an inspiring example for our College community, reminding us all of the potential for positive change that lies within us.

The funds raised through their commendable endeavors will be instrumental in supporting the Cancer Council's crucial work in research, patient support, and cancer prevention initiatives. By rallying behind this cause, these Year 12 students and staff members have undoubtedly made a tangible difference in the lives of those affected by cancer.

We take great pride in highlighting their remarkable journey and extend our gratitude to everyone who supported and contributed to this cause. 

Their actions have shown that together, we can create positive change and bring hope to those who need it most.