Frequently Asked Questions | Coomera Anglican College
Why an Independent School?

Choosing the right education for your child is one of the most important decisions a family can make. After all, the school you select will play a vital role in shaping the adult your child will eventually become.

Independent Schools have Principals/Heads who are empowered to employ excellent teachers. Coomera Anglican College Principal – Dr Mark Sly employs outstanding teachers who best suit the needs of our students.  Our teachers are required to go through continual professional learning and review processes to ensure our high standards are developed and maintained. 

Independent Schools and in particular Coomera Anglican College enjoys a close knit, loyal community. Our College families come from a wide range of backgrounds and beliefs. Coomera Anglican College has a diverse and caring community where Christian values underpin the College.

Why Coomera Anglican College?

Coomera Anglican College is a place that inspires excellence in teaching, learning, service and faith. The safe and friendly environment at the College allows for a positive experience for students as they grow and develop into young adults. The College ethos provides a sense of purpose, direction and clarity in everything that we do as a community.  

The values of the College are Imagine, Listen and Respect. These core values underline the principles of the College and ultimately provide a sense of unity in the College community, so that together, we can dream and grow. As well as the sense of community and the supportive teachers, Coomera Anglican College has excellent facilities, including the Sports and Aquatic centre, the Science Laboratories, the Music Department  and fully-equipped classrooms.

Does every student have the opportunity to apply to attend Coomera Anglican College?

Coomera Anglican College is a non-selective, Preparatory to Year 12 co-educational College. Places at the College are subject to availability. 

If and when a place becomes available at the College and your child is identified next on our waitlist, your child will be invited to attend an interview with the Principal or Head of Primary as part of the enrolment process. After the interview, it is at the discretion of the Principal or Head of Primary if a place is to be offered. We need to ensure at all times we are able to cater for your child’s individual educational needs.

What are your intake years?

Coomera Anglican College accepts students at all Year levels where places are available. 

The major intake year, however, is in Preparatory where we have 112 places to offer. Junior Secondary (Year 7) and Senior Secondary (Year 10 & 11) are also good starting points, however this is subject to availability. We do encourage anyone giving consideration to securing a place at the College to do this as early as possible.

Are places available now?

For the latest information on the availability of places at Coomera Anglican College, please contact the Admissions Office on (07) 5585 9900 or email

Please be aware that places at Coomera Anglican College are highly sought after and availability is limited. For this reason, we urge you to act promptly during the enrolment process. Any siblings on our waitlist will get automatic priority over any other students on the waitlist, as we try to look after the existing families.

What is classed as Primary, Junior Secondary and Senior Secondary school?

Primary education caters for all year levels from Preparatory to Year 6. Junior Secondary caters for Years 7 to Year 9 and Senior Secondary caters for students in Years 10 to Year 12. 

To see what year level your child would be eligible for please refer to our age of entry table.

Prep = Turns 5 before June 30

Year 7 = Turns 12 before 30 June

Year 1 =  Turns 6 before June 30

Year 8 = Turns 13 before 30 June

Year 2 = Turns 7 before June 30

Year 9 = Turns 14 before 30 June

Year 3 = Turns 8 before June 30

Year 10 = Turns 15 before 30 June

Year 4 = Turns 9 before June 30

Year 11 = Turns 16 before 30 June

Year 5 = Turns 10 before June 30

Year 12 = Turns 17 before 30 June

Year 6 = Turns 11 before June 30


What do I need to include as part of my application?

It is a requirement that you submit an Application Form (Online) to apply for entry for Preparatory Year (Prep) to Year 12, and make payment of a non-refundable application fee of $99.00 (Incl GST).  

You will be required to provide certain documentation as part of the application process including copies of: birth certificate or passport to provide proof of age, visa (if applicable), reports on any learning or behavioural issues (if applicable) and any previous school reports and NAPLAN results (if applicable).

Do I have to pay the registration fee for every application?


The $99.00 (Incl GST) non-refundable registration fee applies to every application that is lodged with the College.  You are able to register more than one child through our Online Registration process, however should you need to enrol additional students in the future you will be required to submit an entirely new application.

Why do we need to have an enrolment interview?

The interview will give us the opportunity to build a relationship with your family, discuss your child’s learning style and requirements, favourite subjects and co-curricular interests. It also answers any questions you may have about the College and helps us ascertain that our College is the right school for your child. 

Should I bring my child to the interview?

Yes. We are interviewing your child for enrolment at the College, so their attendance is a requirement of the interview process.

Where will my enrolment interview be held?

All interviews are held on College grounds. 

Primary student interviews will take place with the Head of Primary in the Primary campus administration building on Billinghurst Crescent – Entry 4.

Secondary student interviews will take place with the College Principal at the main administration building on Days Road – Entry 1.

How long will my enrolment interview take?

You should allow approximately 1 hour for your interview with the Principal and approximately 30 minutes with the Head of Primary. 

Appointments are made in quick succession, so please let us know if you are delayed on the day or need to re-schedule your interview time.

What should my child bring to the interview?

You do not have to bring anything else to the interview providing we have all current school reports and NAPLAN results. However, some children like to bring achievement portfolios to share with the Head of Primary or Principal. 

Does the interview guarantee an offer of a position?


The interview is one step in the enrolment process and gives us the chance to meet your family and learn more about your child. It is from this information that we are able to assess your child’s potential transition to Coomera Anglican College, and ensure that we can cater for their educational and academic requirements. Offers of a place at the College are usually made after this interview.

What should my child wear to the interview?

Your child should wear clothes in which he or she is comfortable and are befitting an interview situation. A current school uniform is quite acceptable. 

My child is anxious about the interview, how can I assist them?

To be anxious is a very normal feeling, but please assure your child that we are excited to be meeting them and hearing more about their current school and interests. Encourage your child to use this interview time to tell us all they can about themselves, especially if they have special interests or hobbies. 

How do your waiting lists work at Coomera Anglican College?

When you submit an application to our College, your child/ren’s details are entered on our waitlist database. Our waitlists are viewed in date of application order when places become available. Students that currently have siblings attending the College on any waitlist will ALWAYS get priority access to the College and can leap frog students who may be above them on the waitlist. Please keep your child/ren’s application updated at all times with current school reports and NAPLAN results (if applicable). The College will contact you from time to time to confirm your interest in attending the College, however if we are unable to contact you on consecutive occurrences by phone or email, your child will be removed from our waitlist and we will assume you no longer require a place at the College. 

Do you accept International Students on a Student Visa?


We currently have a number of international students from Year 3 through to Year 12. Some of the older international students live in Homestay accommodation arranged by Eastern Shores International. 

Please visit the International information page on our website for more details:

Do you offer scholarships?

Yes, a limited number.

As part of the College’s commitment to nurturing the talents of individual students, we offer academic and excellence scholarships for students with special talents. These scholarships are offered for entry in Years 7 to Year 12. Testing for these scholarships takes place in February or March of each year and registration is available through our website ( between the preceding December / January prior to the testing date. 

Please note; we DO NOT accept late applications for scholarships to keep the testing and application process fair for all students wishing to apply for a scholarship at Coomera Anglican College. If awarded a scholarship by our Principal it will be for the following year’s entry or schooling.

Do you have boarding facilities?


If a family requires their child to reside anywhere other than the family unit we choose to use a homestay agency provider, Eastern Shores International. Homestay provides the student with a home away from home, in a nurturing family environment that is supportive and compatible to the students’ needs and personality.

What languages do you offer?

From Prep through to Year 12, Coomera Anglican College students have the opportunity to study Chinese (Mandarin). We have been teaching Chinese (Mandarin) at the College since its inception in 1997 and have a very strong Chinese Language programme.  

The College was awarded funding from the Confucius Institute at Queensland University of Technology (QUT) ( for the establishment of a Confucius classroom.  This was a great honour and provides recognition of our commitment and dedication to the study of Chinese language and culture. 

Students may also choose to study another language through distance education, with support from the College. 

Do you have a strong sports programme?


We have 3 dedicated sports academies specialising in Netball, Basketball and Football.

Coomera Anglican College has had an impressive history in Sport. We have achieved much success at local, regional, State and National levels. As part of our continuing commitment towards inspiring excellence, the College is proud to offer students the opportunity to participate in our Football (incl Futsal), Netball and Basketball Academy programmes.

Weekly Sport is a part of every student's life at Coomera Anglican College. We compete in the Associated Private Schools (APS) competition. A range of opportunities are offered that help students develop the skills and attitudes they need to reach their full potential.

Our major goals are centred on the following:

Participation for both competition and enjoyment

Maintaining an active lifestyle 

Building self-esteem and camaraderie

Promoting College and House spirit

Providing personal challenge and extension

Athlete Development Programme (ADP) The programme is delivered by Olympian, Commonwealth Games and professional athlete, Ms Loretta Harrop and the College Physical Education (PE) staff. We have developed an elite programme which caters for selected students in Years 4-9. The programme is run once a week during the PE lesson where students focus on improving their overall fitness levels in the key areas of: Cardiovascular endurance, Strength and Conditioning, Speed and agility, Stamina, Technical skill and co-ordination, Flexibility, Psychology, Injury Prevention.

Also taught are activities which focus on mental preparation and the role it plays in their development as an athlete.

The College is a member of the Queensland Secondary Schools Sports Association and participates in competition organised by the Hinterland District Sports Association and the South Coast Regional Sports Office.  

Higher representative honours are available to students who have the necessary talent and commitment.  Students who have been selected to represent the College in sport must attend additional scheduled training.  District, Regional & State representative training is also compulsory when selected.

APS Sport include: Hockey, Netball (girls only), Rugby (boys only), Soccer, Volleyball, Touch Football, Basketball, Softball (girls only), Tennis, Cricket (boys only), T-Ball (Primary), European Handball (Primary).  The competition is held on a weekly basis during school time two terms of the year.  In the other terms competition time is allocated for training in the sport for the upcoming season.  During the competition terms, after school training once each week is compulsory. 

In addition to APS sports, students can represent the College at a higher level in sports such as rowing, baseball, water polo, surfing, triathlon, sailing, rugby league, Australian Rules Football and golf.  Secondary Students can participate in an interschool AFL Competition, Rowing and our own Netball Club.  Participation in these sports will involve weekend participation.  Sports tours are organised regularly allowing a variety of sports teams to compete further afield.

Other optional recreational sports can also be offered throughout the year as co-curricular activities and can include equestrian, mountain biking, sailing, running club, golf, rock climbing, surf lifesaving, sports/fitness clinics, tennis coaching.

Preparatory to Year 3 students also participate in an organised sporting programme.  The main goal of this programme focuses on skills development; learning about various sports and developing a sense of fair play, support of each other and a love of sport and healthy lifestyle.

All P-3 students participate in Tabloid Sports afternoons, Sports Clinics, House Ball Games Championship, P-3 House Athletics and Cross Country Carnivals. 

What music opportunities are available?

We have a very strong music programme at the College. Music is an integral part of the curriculum and all students have the opportunity to participate in performance groups including choirs, bands and orchestras. Coomera Anglican College’s Music Department provides superb practice venues, as well as individual tuition suites and studios. Students have access to a large range of private instrumental tuition with specialist tutors at the College. Tuition is held during class time once each week on a rotating timetable. Students will receive a music report at the end of each semester and can attend separate theory lessons. Students are encouraged to sit external music exams (AMEB or Trinity College) and are specifically prepared for these by their teacher.

What co-curricular opportunities do you offer?

All students are encouraged to participate in a varied programme of co-curricular activities in order to foster a sense of belonging and to facilitate mental, spiritual, physical and social growth. This balance to the curriculum helps ensure a holistic approach to education.

The College offers a large range of co-curricular activities. Some are offered all year, some part of the year and different year levels are offered activities as appropriate. All students receive an information booklet about the year's proposed activities and are asked to select from a list for each term. Activities offered can vary from year to year depending on requests from students and outside organisations. Please see the co-curricular information on our website.

The College also has a dance studio that operates after hours on campus, which is very convenient for after school dance instruction. 

Do you have a private bus service?

No, not at the moment.

The College utilises the services of Surfside Buslines. It is a school bus service only, and you can gain information in regards to the school bus service from their website.

Do you have an Open Day?

Not specifically. However every year the College holds a Community fair or lifestyle show where all members of the public are welcome to come and view our facilities. The College Enrolment Officer is always at these events and you can visit the stand for more information. We also conduct a Principal’s tours each term (places are limited) so please keep an eye out on our website for dates and times for bookings. The College also offers regular family tours throughout the year by appointment only and subject to availability. 

What do your fees cover?

Unlike many other independent schools, we have made a special effort to ensure that our fees, as far as possible, are all inclusive with no hidden extras and cover tuition for all subjects, text book hire, subject resources, excursions, camps, swimming programme, buses to sport, annual year book, entry into English, Mathematics & Science competitions, Eisteddfod entries, visiting artists, all other curriculum related activities and many co-curricular activities. There are some items specifically identified as part of the all-inclusive fee structure to ensure transparency, eg PAFA Levy, Technology Levy and Building Levy. This helps families to budget and predict financially what they need to pay each year. Additional costs will be College uniforms and stationary packs.

What are your school hours?

College student hours are 8.30am – 3.10pm.

There are cocurricular activities and sport training sessions that operate between 3.30-4.30pm on some afternoons.

Main administration hours are 7.30am – 4.30pm and Primary Administration hours are 8.00am – 4.00pm.

Do you have before and after school care / vacation care?


Before and After school care and Vacation is available for Primary students only – 7.00am to 6.00pm.

For Secondary students the senior library is open from 7.30am-4.30pm Monday –Thursday and 7.30am-4.00pm Friday. 

Can my child use the pool before and after school?

Rackley Swimming Coomera is based at the Coomera Anglican College. We have an eight lane, 25m lap pool with a purpose built indoor learn to swim pool. Squad training and lessons ONLY are available before and after school. To find out more information please contact 1300 733 053 or visit Rackley Swimming website:  or their Facebook page:

Do you have a College Nurse?


Nurse Brown is located at Student Services on the ground floor of the Administration Building on the Senior campus, however she attends to all children in the College from Prep to Year 12.