The College Health Room is located on the Ground Floor of the Administration Building in the Secondary Campus. Nurse Brown is available fulltime for treatment and medicine administration to all students. 

Important Healthroom Information

Any student with an allergy causing anaphylaxis (excluding penicillin ) MUST have their epi-pen at the College, either kept with them or in the health room.

Any students requiring allergy, asthma or other medication including tablets or creams for headaches, period pain, rashes and anything else, must ensure the medications are brought to the health room in the Administration Building as soon as possible.  A form will need to be completed and accompany any medications.  Parents who require the nurse to administer any medication to students must complete this form

If a student requires a puffer but keeps it with them, please contact the numbers below.

Rosemary Brown - College Nurse

Ph: 5585 9954  or  Email

Update your medical information
Parents are reminded that it is a condition of enrolment at the College that you advise the College of any student medical conditions or changes in medical conditions.  The College requires this information to ensure the safety and safe treatment of your child/ren under normal daily circumstances or in the case of an emergency.