Speciality Programmes | Coomera Anglican College

Football, Netball and Basketball Academies

Coomera Anglican College has had an impressive history in Sport. We have achieved much success at local, regional, State and National levels. As part of our continuing commitment towards inspiring excellence, the College is proud to offer students the opportunity to participate in our Football (incl Futsal), Netball and Basketball Academy programmes.

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Infinity and Beyond Programme

The Infinity and Beyond programme is designed for students who have been identified as performing at an exceptional level for their age. Within the programme students are encouraged to develop higher order thinking skills, extend their love for learning and develop processing, reasoning, enquiring, creative thinking and evaluation skills. This has been operating successfully over many years in the Primary campus and our students have been involved in a wide range of external competitions including the da Vinci Decathlon and the Androids Alive.

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Digital Technologies

Coomera Anglican College invests heavily in technology, digital skills and cyber safety education to help our students understand and explore digital technologies as part of their education. We are constantly updating, evaluating and assessing the digital skills and tools that will enable our students to use digital tools effectively, preparing them for the skills they will need throughout their lives.

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Music Programme

Music is part of our compulsory educational programme from Preparatory to Year 8 and is available as an elective from Years 9 to 12. Music classes involve theory and practice where children learn to listen to music, read music, move to music, play music and create their own music. Year 4 students receive specific instrumental tuition as part of the music programme for that year. Year 12 students also have the opportunity to study Music Extension.

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Music Academy

The Music Academy is offered under the College’s Excellence Programmes. The Academy is designed to complement current individual paid lessons and instrumental programme. There are no additional tuition fees connected with the Music Academy. This programme is designed to complement current individual paid lessons and instrumental programmes. The Music Academy, like our other academies is about providing students with further opportunities and excellence pathways.

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Preforming Arts

Coomera Anglican College offers students active involvement in the Performing Arts. Students from Years 7-12 are offered a wide range of opportunities to participate in a plethora of exciting endeavours that see them perfect their stage craft. We offer students the chance to witness captivating, professional theatre on excursions and incursions, as well as having them engage in dynamic, dramatic workshops.

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Visual Arts

The Visual Arts department assists students in achieving their greatest potential in ever-changing world of Visual and Creative Arts. The College offers superior Visual Art facilities and expertise of practicing art teachers.

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Chinese Language Programme

We are delighted by the amazing opportunities presented to our students through learning Chinese. Our decision back in 1997 to teach Chinese has proven to be one of the best possible and has provided our students with an incredible advantage in today’s global society. Coomera Anglican College has always tried to set trends, and it is interesting to see how many other schools have now adopted Chinese as their LOTE.

Cocurricular Experiences

All students are encouraged to participate in a varied programme of cocurricular activities in order to foster a sense of belonging and to facilitate mental, spiritual, physical and social growth. This balance to the curriculum helps ensure a holistic approach to education.

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