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The Coomera Anglican College Football Academy (Incorporating Futsal) aims to provide students from Years 4 to 12 with the opportunity to participate in a developmental football programme, and for those with identified football talent, provide additional coaching to enable them to achieve their best with the aim of competing at an elite level.

The Coomera Anglican College Football Academy will undertake a comprehensive football development programme under the auspices of the Gold Coast Football Academy (GCFA).  

The programme will consist of both Football and Futsal related facets relating to tactical, technical, physical and psychological techniques and aspects and will form the essential guide for player development.  This model will provide the best opportunity to learn multiple facets of the game on individual, unit team and squad levels.  It will assist players greatly to improve at all levels and to be prepared for trials at National Premier League Academy levels as set out by Football Australia’s “Whole of life” Football plan.

Football Programme

This elite College based programme and training environment is created to encourage the very best performances of all players through exposure to specialised coaching in all academy components. The GCFA player development model has been proven to advance the skills of those players that enter and stay with the programme.   The GCFA has a world renowned reputation for accessing player trials at clubs in the UK and in Australia.  They also have access to numerous USA College programmes where football scholarships are available, and have connections in China where they have delivered their programme.  GCFA squads have played against quality opposition including Manchester United, Liverpool, Newcastle United and Sampdoria of Italy.

Futsal Programme

Futsal is the indoor version of football and has formed the basis of every great player’s technical ability.  From Brazil to Africa, Europe and Asia futsal plays an important part in the development of all players.  On a smaller court and inside where the weather does not interfere with play, players have to think quicker and be smarter.  Their technical prowess and decision making processes will be honed in this environment.The Futsal programme is incorporated within the operations of the Coomera Anglican College Football Academy and the Gold Coast Futsal Academy and will make use of the first class facilities at our Rod Lane Sports Centre.  This is a FIRST on the Gold Coast: The establishment and operation of a professional Futsal Academy, training players in the skills and techniques to make it to the elite levels.  

The Gold Coast Futsal Academy is also affiliated with the Australian Futsal Association – with some 84 countries worldwide, including Brazil, Gol Brazil – recognised as the preeminent Futsal organisation in the world, and RCD Espanyol of the Spanish Primera League.

Course Structure

The Coomera Anglican College Football Academy programme will comprise the following components: 

  • Technical ability and skill acquisition
  • Tactical knowledge and execution
  • Strength and Conditioning including Yoga/Pilates
  • Agility programme - Fast Feet International (by GCFA)
  • Player wellbeing programmes

All players will be assessed continually throughout delivery of the player development programme and their progress will be tracked continuously. The Coomera Anglican College Football Academy will make extensive use of scientific and technological systems such as Global Positioning Systems, Video Analysis and other methods on an individual and team basis.

Students participating in the Academy Programme will be required to undertake training in each of the below areas on a weekly basis.

Application Process

Students participating in the Academy Programme will be required to undertake training in each of the below areas on a weekly basis.

  • Squad based specific skill sessions
  • Fast Feet sessions
  • Yoga / Pilates sessions 
  • Strength and Conditioning sessions (Cardio and Functional)

Potential applicants are required to complete the on-line application form below. For further information on this exciting programme please contact the Head of Sport on 5585 9960 or or the Football Academy staff at

Current Yr 4 to Yr 12 Students Only

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