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A Smooth Transition

The Junior Secondary programme at Coomera Anglican College provides a stimulating learning environment for middle adolescents in Years 7 - 9. Middle adolescence is a time characterised by growth and the College recognises that during these years students need to adjust to profound physical, intellectual, emotional and social changes. At Coomera Anglican College, we are committed to supporting every child in their endeavour to reach their full potential.

 Our experience has shown that students in this age group have very specific needs, as such we have designed a programme to meet those. Staff work alongside students to nurture and guide them through their journey from Primary into Secondary Schooling. Teachers have a genuine care and understanding of these transitional years.

While academic learning will always be our core business, we are also dedicated to helping our students develop socially, emotionally and spiritually. With the fast pace of today’s world, middle adolescents can struggle to find the balance between their social lives and their academic workload.  By encouraging a growth mindset, and infusing the Habits of Mind and mindfulness into the Junior Secondary curriculum, we are encouraging our students to stop, reflect and think flexibly.

In Junior Secondary we encourage students to follow their dreams; celebrate their unique talents; and to pursue a path of lifelong learning. Through the pastoral care programme, assemblies, worship and cocurricular activities students are provided with many opportunities to gain self-confidence and develop a sense of self-worth from activities - both inside and outside the classroom.

While Coomera Anglican College is located in a growing region of the Gold Coast, we work hard to maintain the qualities of a small community based on our iLR values of imagine, listen, respect.   Each year we witness the joy of students as they discover what a special place the Junior Secondary campus is and we look forward to guiding each individual on their journey.


English • Health and Physical Education • Athlete Development Programme • Humanities • Business Education • Chinese Language • Mathematics • Mathematics Extension • Number Facts • Religious and Values Education • Science • Design Technology • Graphics • Digital Technology • Robotics • Food Technology • The Arts • Drama • Media • Music • Visual Art


The Sport Programme is divided into four sections:

  • The Associated Private Schools (APS) Competition
  • House Competition
  • Prep - Year 3 Sport
  • Recreational/Non-APS Sport

Weekly Sport is a part of every student's life at Coomera Anglican College. Our major goals are centred on encouraging Participation for both competition and enjoyment, Maintaining an active lifestyle 

Building self-esteem and camaraderie, Promoting College and House spirit and Providing personal challenge and extension
A range of opportunities is offered that help students develop the skills and attitudes they need to reach their full potential. For more information visit Athlete Development Programme.

The APS (Associated Private Schools) Competition Season is held in Term 2 (Winter sports) and Term 4 (Summer Sports). All students from Year 4 to Year 12 select a sporting preference for each season and if necessary, trials are held to determine team allocations.

Sports include Hockey, Netball (girls only), Rugby (boys only), Soccer, Volleyball, Touch Football, Water Polo, AFL, Football, Basketball, Softball (girls only), Tennis, Cricket (boys only), T-Ball (Primary), European Handball (Primary). The competition is held on a weekly basis during school time two terms of the year. In the other terms competition time is allocated for training in the sport for the upcoming season. During the competition terms, after school training once each week is compulsory.
All students also compete in our annual College House Carnivals in Swimming (Term 1), Cross Country Run (Term 2) and Athletics (Term 3).  Visit our sporting programme for more information including specialised sports.


All students from Preparatory to Year 8 enjoy the benefits of Music classes held in our purpose built performing arts facility. Students may continue to study Music as an elective subject from years 9 – 12, and Music Extension is also on offer to Year 12 students. A range of skills are taught from music theory to composition, singing and playing instruments. Small groups and individual tuition is available from specialists in a wide variety of instruments. For more information about our Music academy, performance ensembles and private lessons please visit our Music Programme.


All students from Pre-Prep to Year 12 use computers and other related technology on a daily basis. In addition to specialist elearning rooms, technology is available in all classrooms through a variety of means. Primary classrooms are fitted with electronic whiteboards and/or banks of laptops computers and iPads. The College eMind Programme provides secondary students with take home laptop computers, tablets and other devices.

All College classrooms are fitted with large, high-resolution, interactive audio-visual displays. These enable teachers to deliver engaging digital content that supports a range of modern teaching and learning techniques. Our enterprise grade network and cloud computing systems offer a range of technology-related education functions that are second to none.

Supported by the modern technology infrastructure and eLearning Support staff our students develop mastery of valuable skills including digital imagery, graphic design, multi-media creation, computer aided design (CAD), 3D printing and laser cutting. Also currently popular activities include robotics, virtual and augmented reality, music composition, coding, research skills, and academic writing.

At Coomera Anglican College, we take Cyber safety seriously. We are proud to partner with Family Zone. Family Zone is a complete online cyber safety solution that protects your children at College, at home and when they are out and about. 

The College will be one of the first schools to take a whole of College approach making Family Zone available to our families from Preparatory to Year 12.  Family Zone will be available to all our families as part of your College fees.  
It is available on College supplied devices, as part of our eMind programme, but will also allow families to provide protection on other devices at home. 

Health and Well-being

At Coomera Anglican College, we believe that what is of equal importance to strong academic performance (and in fact what the research shows, is interconnected with academic performance), is a student’s mental health and wellbeing.  As such, we deliver structured social-emotional learning programmes and/or provide personal development lessons for every year level and a focus on positive mental health is at the core of everything we do at the College.  We encourage our students to be kind, forgiving, thoughtful, generous, respectful young people who have a love of life and are community-minded.  We aim to build in our students: resilience, self-awareness, self-regulation, resourcefulness, understanding, compassion, tolerance, self-confidence and a sense of belonging.