Mixed Reality Technology with Microsoft HoloLens | Coomera Anglican College

Mixed Reality Technology with Microsoft HoloLens

Ingram Micro and Microsoft have teamed up to support Secondary students at Coomera Anglican College in their academic journey through the use of mixed reality technology. 

The initiative, led by Alliance Business Technologies, aims to help secondary students reach their full potential by utilising the Microsoft HoloLens.

Whilst the College’s state-of-the-art “Imaginarium” – a 360-degree future-focused centre, provides immersive and interactive technology for our Primary students, we wanted to implement a technology for use with our Secondary students.

This is where the Microsoft HoloLens comes in - a groundbreaking device that allows students to engage with the real world and learn by doing.

The HoloLens has proven particularly beneficial for the College's design students, who have used the technology to create projects with real-world scaling. This teaching method has been a resounding success and has allowed students to go beyond their envisioned potential.

The Secondary students at Coomera Anglican College have shown remarkable innovation with the Microsoft HoloLens. By providing a unique and immersive learning experience, the device has enabled students to engage with their subjects in a way that was previously impossible. It has opened up a world of possibilities and has given students the tools they need to succeed.

Take a look at how our Secondary students are benefitting from the Microsoft HoloLens in the clip below.