Meet Kerry Brown, Acting Head of Teaching and Learning | Coomera Anglican College

Meet Kerry Brown, Acting Head of Teaching and Learning

Meet Kerry Brown - Acting Head of Teaching and Learning for Primary, here at Coomera Anglican College.

Kerry thrives on providing a unique and thought-provoking curriculum for her students and colleagues and was the developer of the College’s innovative thINQ framework, during her time as Literacy and Innovation Specialist here at the College.  

The thINQ framework is designed to develop students' inquiry skills, enabling them to confidently investigate and resolve real-world issues beyond traditional classroom boundaries. The framework emphasises the importance of students building inquiry skills in collaboration with teachers. It prioritises the development of vital literacy skills such as communication, questioning, and vocabulary, which are critical to the inquiry process.

Kerry is a true inspiration to everyone at the College with her innovative approach to teaching. Through her expertise in implementing thINQ and inquiry-based learning, she has transformed the learning experience for her students. Kerry has undertaken the extensive task of revamping the entire curriculum to prioritise student-focused and student-centered instruction, leaving a lasting impact on the education system at the school.

​Joanna Muirhead, eLearning and Innovation Specialist, Coomera Anglican College

In addition to being an educator, Kerry is a published Australian children’s author who understands that the synergy needed between literature and classroom activities is relevant to the world outside the College’s grounds.

One example of this is the work that was undertaken with our Year 5 students during a unit on "Significance".   In collaboration with fellow teacher, Tania Carlson, Kerry developed a ‘Chat and Chew’ program, based on the idea of the Human Library, that allowed students to book into a festival-style afternoon involving 12 guest speakers from all walks of life - from professional athletes to hairdressers.

To help students understand the concept of significance, they were divided into small groups based on their preferences. Each group discussed the life trajectory of a particular guest, identifying changes that occurred over time and what remained the same. This exercise allowed students to apply real-life meaning to the term significance and appreciate how historical events impacted our colonial days.

Kerry has helped redefine what literacy and thinking means for our Primary students, and it is clear that it is so much more than just reading a book or writing a story.

Kerry believes the best part of her job is seeing students come to life - she enjoys the challenge of helping students that find a particular concept or skill difficult and working with them to find the joy while finding the solution.

“I love my job – it’s the best job in the world! I love that I have the freedom to be innovative and facilitate learning in the direction of the student’s interests.  I also love working alongside our wonderful staff, helping them to adapt what could look like a dry curriculum, to ways that make it more meaningful and interactive for the students.”