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Coomera Anglican College Inspires Excellence Through Music

Playing a musical instrument has many benefits and can bring a great deal of enjoyment to you and those around you while also improving academic levels, memory, organisational skills, coordination and team skills.

With a commitment towards inspiring excellence in all areas, Coomera Anglican College gives students the opportunity to further their skills and musical development through our Music Academy Programme.

Coomera Anglican College’s Music Department has made a significant contribution to the cultural development of students, resulting in both individual and group successes in a range of competition and performance arenas.

What does the Music Academy do?
The Music Academy provides students from Years 5-12 with an opportunity to participate in a developmental music programme. Under the areas of Preliminary, Brass and Bass, it aims to advance skills, musicality and performance levels on the student’s chosen instrument. By giving students with musical talent access to additional tuition, it allows them to further their skills and progress to more advanced levels of musicianship and performance.

What will my child learn?
The Music Academy delivers a high-level instructional and tuition programme to encourage the best performance from young musicians. It prepares musicians not only for solo and ensemble performances at College assemblies, concerts and eisteddfods, but also for progression through the Australian Music Examination Board (AMEB) Queensland standardised grading system. The programme focuses on the key areas of Musical appreciation, Musical performance – solo and ensemble, Music theory and Community engagement.

What does the Music Academy involve?
Students will be placed in ensembles according to their level of ability. Students will be required to attend a half hour scheduled lesson as well as an ensemble sessions during the week at the College. Academy students will be required to practise their instruments in their own time at home in order to learn pieces and develop their technique.

How much does it cost?
There is no fee for Coomera Anglican College students to participate in the Music Academy. Fees will only be applicable for tour ensembles or when students are given opportunities to attend workshops outside of the College. Students may be required to purchase a Music polo shirt from the Uniform Shop as part of performance opportunities for their ensemble.

How can my child join?
To be eligible for Music Academy - Preliminary, students must have completed the Year Four Instrumental programme. For the Brass and Bass Academies, students must be either proficient in their chosen instrument or have demonstrated commendable academic qualities and behaviour to be considered for entry as a beginner. All Academy students must be able to read music.

If your child is a potential applicant, please visit the College website and complete the online application form:

Want to hear more?
For more information about Coomera Anglican College’s Music Academy, please contact Liz Smith, Head of Music on 07 5585 9940 or via email at