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Cirque du Soleil Success

Meet Fletcher Donohue, Coomera Anglican College graduate of class 2013 who is astonishing and wowing crowds in the world wide Cirque du Soleil production. 

Fletcher spends most of his days hanging upside down with partner in crime, Nathan Dennis. The southeast Queensland boys ran away after College to join the circus and are travelling around the world entertaining crowds with their nerves of steel, elite athleticism and theatrical pizzazz. 

In a recent article by the Courier Mail, Fletcher tells the journalist that his stunts are all about precision, skill, trust and a dash of hope. 

Fletcher grew up on the Gold Coast and attended Coomera Anglican College from 2008 to 2013. He is only one of two Queenslanders in the entire cast which is made up of 47 artists across 17 countries.

Fletcher currently lives in the Cirque's mobile village in Moore Park Sydney, but is moving to Northshore Hamilton in Brisbane's north in January, where the show will perform till February 2020.

Fletcher has been with Cirque du Soleil since 2015, where he joined the Beatles LOVE in Vegas. He told the Courier Mail that every artist has to apply their own make-up, which you get pretty good at after a while. The make up includes elaborate disguises, bodies covered in bright, unusual and eccentric costumes and are all very animated. He said his job is purely to entertain, and costumes are all part of it.

Fletcher is a competitive sportsman who trained in the best gymnastic facilities in the country. He competed in the Trampoline Gymnastics World Championships and dedicated his life to becoming an elite athlete who is among the greatest circus artists in the world.

Fletcher performs up to 10 shows a week and is pushing his body to the limit everyday. On top of regular training sessions, Fletcher goes to the gym four times a week. He makes sure he does whatever he can to keep up with the intensity. 

Fletcher moved to Western Australia with his family when he was eight. He trained at the High Performance Centre for elite athletes and stayed there for the next four years. The family eventually moved to the Gold Coast when he was 12 and signed on to train in one of Australia's best trampoline clubs in Brisbane.

While studying at Coomera Anglican College he also travelled the globe competing in Trampoline Gymnastics World Championships. It was at his first competition in Russia that he saw a stall set up that was recruiting for Cirque du Soleil. The sign said "Make this your career", and that's exactly what Fletcher did.