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Back to School: Tips for getting back in the routine

The new school year is just around the corner, and getting children back into a daily routine after the freedom of holidays can be challenging.

Here are our top tips to help make your transition from holidays to the classroom easier for all the family.

Sleep soundly
A good sleep is essential for learning and development. If your child’s bedtime routine has fallen to the wayside during the holidays, starting with a regular bedtime routine and wake up the week before school starts will help children adapt their sleep patterns. Limiting screen time after dinner will also help encourage a good sleep.

First day jitters
Whether your child is progressing into prep, moving into a new classroom or transitioning into high school, nerves are normal – and letting them know this is important. Involving them in school lunch prep the night before, laying out their uniform and reading a book before bed, will not only help to minimise the stress the next morning but prepare them for what is ahead.

Food for thought
During holidays, children tend to eat throughout the day whenever they are hungry. Timing a nutritious breakfast, morning tea and lunch with school bell times in the lead up to the school year is an easy way to get your child in the routine of eating regularly while promoting healthy brain function.

School schedules
School mornings can be quite rushed, especially when children are out of their normal habits. Creating a visual schedule to remind kids to eat breakfast, get dressed, pack their homework, brush their teeth or make their bed is an effective way to remind them of your expectations while helping them develop time management skills and a regular morning routine.

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