Final word from Head of Primary | Coomera Anglican College

A final word from the Head of Primary, Mr Graeme Kirkpatrick - Week 9, Term 4 2018

Over the past four weeks, our Celebration Events have headlined our calendar. We have all witnessed enthusiasm of the many students who have stood proudly on the Ivan Gibbs Centre stage to celebrate their individual and collective achievements.

Memories are important in life. They define us along with our actions and we should never be afraid to rely on them for consolation and even wisdom. The memories taken from occasions like our Celebration Events provide the measure of a place. They become treasures of the mind to accessed whenever the mood strikes, and when shared they are doubtless the source of something invigorating and life-affirming.

Over my eighteen years, I have collected many wonderful memories. One of my final and perhaps most significant memories will be the Farewell Assembly held yesterday, involving not only our whole student and staff body but many of our wider College community as well. This will be a life memory for me and I thank all of our community for the many well wishes.

Events such as these confirm absolutely that Loving Life and Togetherness sit harmoniously as one. And, this year of Loving Life Together will no doubt create solid foundations for us all.

Although today is my final day, my heart will always remain here at Coomera Anglican College and I will continue to enjoy catching up with all those who make up our unique community. Because, a brief encounter will be enough to reignite the memories and to recognise that what was once shared can be carried forward through time and once again be easily shared – often with the help of old, “back in the day” stories, embellished with half-truths or even untruths.

Our College spirit, culture and traditions are powerfully embedded. The outrageous humour, the generosity of students to their teachers and vice versa, the frequent eccentric moments that we call the CACaburra Spirit and the compelling notions of the community which are wholly real and embracing, are all reasons we can rightly conclude that the future of this great place is in good hands.

Thank you to our talented and dignified staff members. Thank you to our generous and committed parents and thank you to every student!

I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Farewell to Those Who Have Served Our Community

At the end of this year we farewell some staff from the Primary Campus. Mrs Kelly Reeves and Mrs Tegan Franks will both sadly be leaving the College at the end of this year.

Mrs Tegan Franks has contributed to the education and student welfare of our Prep M students over the past two terms. I thank her and wish her well in the future!

We also farewell Mrs Kelli Reeves. Mrs Reeves will be leaving after 12 years of distinguished service at Coomera Anglican College.

Mrs Reeves has provided a vibrant and spirited presence not only within our community but also within the lives of those individuals who have been privileged to have been touched by her passion for education. Fairness and kindness have been at the core of her teaching, qualities for which she will be fondly remembered. Mrs Reeves leaves with her family to teach overseas. I am grateful to her for all that she has offered the College during her many years of service. Mrs Reeves, you go with our best wishes!

Thanks to Our Year 6 Student Leaders of 2018

As our Year 6 Junior Leaders progressed through 2018, they never lost sight of what lay at the heart of our theme, “Loving Life Together”. The 2018 Year 6 student leaders have embraced the future wholeheartedly and they have begun to build a future with a desire to be stronger and wiser.I take this opportunity to thank our Primary Captains, House Captains and all the Junior Leaders for their great work and support throughout the year. Well done, Year 6 and best wishes for the future.