The Pod and Imaginarium | Coomera Anglican College
Future Focused

The Pod

This future-focused centre features the latest in immersive and interactive technology, designed to take learning out of the traditional classroom. With robotics, interactive touchscreen displays, 3D printing, writeable walls, a 360-degree climate-controlled immersive environment, smart glass and an indoor drone flying space, The Pod makes primary students the architects of their learning. 

Future Focused

A climate controlled, 360 degrees Imaginarium is the centrepiece of the new learning facility, featuring six laser projectors and cinema-quality surround sound creating a seamless 360-degree sensory experience without the need for wearable technology. The climate-control technologies can teleport students from the icy cold environments of Antarctica to the sweltering Sahara Desert and even off planet to Mars with the wave of a wand.


In a world where the future of education will soon see virtual and augmented reality, robotics, 3D printing, laser cutting and drones as the norm, the College identified the need for a facility that was flexible enough to move and adapt to change, but also have some key design elements to address some of the current and expected advances in the learning environment.

Students from the College’s Early Learning Centre through to Year 6 will benefit from immersive learning at The Pod.  The College is also giving access to Secondary students who will have opportunities to use the facility and help direct a future Secondary facility, with more functionality.