Star Struck (2009) | Coomera Anglican College

Starstruck burst forth on the IGC stage at the end of May this year to cheers and raucous laughter as the cast immersed themselves into their characters and braced themselves for lights, camera and ACTION. The musical comedy followed the trials of TV show director, Arty Fathington (Nelson Baker) and his diligent crew as they tried to stage an Anniversary Special of the hit TV show, Starstruck. Despite the mantra "it'll be alright on the night", the damaged costumes and dancers suffering from food poisoning suggested otherwise. 

The story line, at times, became a negative omen hanging over our heads as the cast and crew had fleeting moments wondering whether it would be "alright on the night". However, the show was a testament to the fact that we did not fall victim to the same trials as Arty and his crew. Conversely our amazing production team outshone themselves with impressive costumes, dancing, acting and musical accompaniment. 

Our 2009 Musical, Starstruck, brought many staff ans students together as they worked cooperatively in preparation for the opening night. Individuals combined their talents and skills, their time and effort, to produce the wonderful spectacle that was our College Musical. 

Each student enjoyed bringing their character to life under the direction of Naomi Murphy, who quietly worked her magic. Co-host (Kerwin Swanson) developed a fabulous hip trust that John Travolta would be proud of and Bognar Flatch (Ethan Hertz) made Sid Vicious appear well mannered. Liz Smith, our Musical Director, encouraged some spectacular singing from Shar (Ally McClenaghan), Co-host (Jennifer Stockwell) and Assistant Director (Lucas Newton) and Ben Dervish-Ali choreographed some lively dancing from the embers of the three dance troupes. 

These performances must have been inspirational because several audience members were lured to the stage after interval in the hope of winning a "major prize". Fortunately they were spared the spotlight and mayhem of the TV production as Cola guzzling, chip-chomping Bognar Flatch (Ethan Hertz) harassed each one from the stage.

It was an absolute pleasure to work with a very dedicated team who spent many long hours designing, creating and rehearsing. Their commitment and effort has been awesome.

- Katrina Lyon and Naomi Murphy