Back to the Eighties (2003) | Coomera Anglican College

It was the time of synthesisers in electronic music and the popularisation of personal computers and video games; the decade when celebrities gathered to perform major charity concerts such as Live Aid; and who could forget those questionable fluorescent coloured fashions, the body shirts and larger than life teased hair? Remember the days when we used to play ‘air guitar’ and sing along to the radio? Parents continually told their children to “Turn down the racket!” Could it be anything else but the 80s?

Back to the 80s is a musical that celebrates the music and styles of the 1980s. The students of Coomera Anglican College, under the direction of Mr Tony Cartmel, presented this energetic, light-hearted and whimsical musical in 2003. From teenage romance to impersonations of Michael Jackson, this show had the lot!

The sheer amount of music that was used in this production meant the audience was left with no chance to sit still. It was toe-tapping and grooving all night to songs such as Wake Me Up Before You Go Go, Girls Just Want To Have Fun, Footloose, Eye of the Tiger and many more classic 80s tracks.

The members of the cast and crew were thanked for their unbelievable level of commitment to this production. There was a fantastic team of dedicated staff and parents who worked closely together to support the 80 students who were involved from Years 6-12. It was most pleasing to witness a team of talented young people participate enthusiastically in the development of this production and their efforts were well received by audiences.

Liz Smith – Musical Director