Why Choose Us? | Coomera Anglican College

Student Well-being - Mind, Heart, Soul, Strength

We have an holistic approach to education by embedding wellbeing at the core of the curriculum. Inspiring excellence is a powerful and ambitious statement, which despite its simplicity is multi-dimensional. When applied to our understanding of wellbeing it requires us to provide a safe and engaging learning environment in which all members of the College community can flourish. Our commitment is to provide these conditions and not to treat wellbeing as an ‘add on’ rather embed it at the core of everything we do and in doing so ‘Inspire Excellence’.

Pastoral Care

All students in Years 10, 11 and 12 are assigned to a Pastoral Care class. Students participate in a Personal Development Programme designed to develop skills, knowledge, attitudes and understandings that enable students to value and lead healthy lifestyles and to develop as responsible global citizens. This programme focuses on key personal development skills such as Mindfulness, Wellbeing, Study Skills, Career Planning, Sexual Health, Cyber Safety and Drug Education.

CACABURRAS - The Spirit or Our College

The CACABURRA branding is used for all College APS and College representative activities, including debating, chess and all sports. All College Clubs and activities are covered by this branding. Having all our activities branded under one umbrella is very much in keeping with our College philosophy: “MANY MINDS, ONE HEARTBEAT”.


Specialty Programmes

Our specialty programmes enhance our commitment towards inspiring excellence in all areas or learning. We are proud to offer students the opportunity to participate in: Football, Netball and Basketball Academies, Infinity and Beyond Programme, Digital Technologies, Chinese Language Programme and many more Cocurricular experiences.


Digital Technology and eSmart Status

Coomera Anglican College invests heavily in technology, digital skills and cyber safety education to help our students understand and explore digital technologies as part of their education. We are constantly updating, evaluating and assessing the digital skills and tools that will enable our students to use digital tools effectively, preparing them for the skills they will need throughout their lives.


House System - Gibbs, Smith, Morris, Lane

All students belong to a House - Gibbs, Smith, Morris or Lane - which they enter upon their enrolment. House spirit develops a positive attitude that students and teachers display about their House team. All students participate in various events and contribute to the overall success of their House. House spirit and House pride go hand in hand, developing enthusiastic and proud students.

Student Leadership

Leadership is an area that is considered essential in developing self-esteem and confidence at Coomera Anglican College. Student Leadership is based on Symbolic and Service Leadership. A good symbolic leader is a leader who leads by example. Many of the younger students look up to our more senior students, providing good role models in all they do. Service Leadership involves students in the area of service. There are many areas of service accessible to students. Our teachers promote many leadership opportunities for students.

Chinese Language Department

Our College offers 3 Chinese language programmes from P – Year 12. Our students study Mandarin twice a week from Prep to Year 8. An intermediate level course is offered to Years 9 and 10 as an elective subject. Senior Chinese Programme is offered to Year 11 and 12 students who have completed the intermediate level. Chinese Extension Programme is available as a one year course for Year 12 students who wish to undertake advanced level of the Chinese language. Additionally, we organise biennial trips to China fostering a strong relationship with our sister school in Yangzhou China.

Community Service

All students are involved in Community Service through their class (Primary) or House (Secondary) or through cocurricular activities. The major emphasis is Service to others within the College and the wider community.