As a Diocesan Owned College, the governing body of the College is Diocesan Council.

The members of Diocesan Council are:

The Most Reverend Dr P J Aspinall
The Right Reverend Dr J C Holland
The Right Reverend G M Smith
The Right Reverend A Taylor
The Right Reverend C Venables
The Venerable G F Harch
The Reverend Dr R Bowles
The Reverend Dr J Inkpin
The Reverend A Lowe
The Reverend J Worrall 
Dr Ann Dashwood
Dr Ruth S Kerr OAM
The Honourable Justice D Mullins
Dr T Nicholson

Diocesan Council delegates certain governance functions to the College Council via the College’s Constitution.

The College Council members are:

The Most Reverend Dr Phillip Aspinall (President)
Mr Stephen Knott (Chairman) (Finance Committee)
Ms Jan Bartlett (ASC Nominee) (Finance Committee)
Rev Canon Ron Bundy (Archbishop’s Nominee)
Mr Adam Gilbert
Dr Gordon Joughin (Risk & Compliance Committee)
The Hon Margaret Keech (Risk & Compliance Committee)
Ms Pam Roberts (Risk & Compliance Committee)
Rev Canon Gary Smith
Prof Donna Pendergast
Dr Mark Sly (Principal) - ex officio

In circumstances where the directors of the governing body must be provided with a report about sexual abuse or likely sexual abuse the Diocesan Council has, pursuant to Section 366B of the Education (General Provisions) Act, delegated that role to Mr Greg Milles, the Director of Professional Standards within the Diocese.

Anglican resources

Anglican Schools Office website 

Anglican Church Southern Queensland website 

Anglicare Southern Queensland website  

College Resources

College Handbook - a range of handbooks and policy documents for staff and families. All new families enrolled at the College should read the College Handbook for important information.

Policies and Protocols

Complaints Management in Anglican Schools Policy

Student Protection in Anglican Schools - Policy and Procedures 2015

Child Protection in Anglican ECS Procedures

ECS child protection Policy

Student Protection - Student Protection Officers

Student Protection - Information for Parents - January 2015

Student Protection - Information for Coaches, Tutors, Volunteers and Visitors - May 2015

Protocols for dealing with complaints of sexual harassment, assault or sexually inappropriate behaviour

A Simple Guide to the Protocols for dealing with complaints of sexual harassment, assault or sexually inappropriate behaviour

Privacy Policy

Privacy - Standard Collection Notice

The College is currently reviewing all policies and will make the latest policies available as this review is completed.