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Our Programme

Early Learning Centre Programme

At Coomera Anglican College Early Learning Centre we recognise, acknowledge, value and respect the uniqueness of each child within our Centre and work in partnership with families to ensure that they become capable, confident and competent members of the College community.
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Preparatory Programme

Our Preparatory Programme has been established since the College’s inception and is the first year of the Primary curriculum.
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Primary Programme

During this period our staff aim to continue to develop in children strong literacy and numeracy skills and excellent work habits and attitudes, while fostering a love of learning now and for the future.
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Junior Secondary Programme

Our experience and research has shown that students in this age group from Years 7 to 9 have very specific needs and as such we have designed a programme to meet those requirements within a safe and supportive learning environment.
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Senior Secondary Programme

Students in Years 10, 11 and 12 are beginning to plan for their future beyond school and can select subject areas of particular interest to maximise their future options for tertiary study or employment.
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Sports Programme

Sport is an important element of the curriculum and our College is developing a proud sporting history.
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