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What is the Coomera Anglican College Foundation?

Hi, I am Nikki Ward and it is both an honour and a privilege to serve you all in Advancement during this exciting new chapter for Coomera Anglican College, and perfect timing too, as we are about to embark on a very special milestone of our 30-years of operation.

Please feel free to reach out to me at foundation@cac.qld.edu.au.

So, what does Advancement and our Foundation mean exactly?

As the philanthropic entity of Coomera Anglican College, our Foundation purpose is clear: to be the catalyst for positive change, the driving force that propels our students toward limitless possibilities. We don't just build foundations; we build impactful opportunities. Put simply, our Foundation Motto is Empowering Change – Where Anything is Possible!

Everything the Foundation does is organised around three fundamental pillars of engagement: story, people, and process. We tell the story of our College. We help people find their place in that story, and we manage the process/ways that enable these two things to happen.

Let me apply advancement on a personal level, we all have a personal lifecycle journey. We were born, we grow to a toddler, we start hitting important milestones like crawling, walking, we become a child, we start talking, we navigate early childhood, we hit the teen years, we start our careers, we form many different relationships with people along the way, and at different times of our lives/our story we have people who all serve different purposes and for different reasons right? We are continuing to grow and as we do, our story evolves too, but our foundation remains the same, where we come from remains the same, our purpose of service to the greater good remains the same. We all face significant challenges along the way, we all need support at different times and tiered levels, but we all share one thing in common, we all have our own unique story of continuous growth or advancement. 

It is the same concept in business and in turn, schools. Our College at certain times in its lifecycle, will need different support from like-minded individuals to grow and advance forward. It is the same in relation to our College story, to ensure we as a collective are moving forward together - it is a spiritual game, it is one of belonging, of knowing a true sense of self and connecting yourself with the right people and the right time, who can help support, celebrate, and nurture your growth and opportunities along the way. Foundation equals more opportunities!

Our job is to become more valuable. Our job is to do more for the others than anybody else is doing in our area. Because if you give and you don’t think about receiving – you receive so much more. Our lives are about knowing who we are and applying our foundation, values and story to every aspect of our lifecycle - it is shared experiences with like-minded individuals, it is many minds – one heartbeat, it is bringing joy, it is shared happiness, it is a bigger purpose, it is knowing that the story of our lives matters far beyond ourselves and we can help somebody every chance we get.

We are not just human doing – we are human being!

You are already an integral part of something truly special—a journey that leaves an everlasting mark on generations to come–you are forever part of our Coomera Anglican College story. 

I look forward to meeting you all throughout this year, to connect with you, to truly enhance the unity in our Coomera Anglican College community and to bring more opportunities to more of our students and families!

For more information please visit College Foundation or contact Nikki Ward at foundation@cac.qld.edu.au.