Teachers4Tomorrow | Coomera Anglican College


On Wednesday 13 October, over twenty-five educators attended the first Teachers4Tomorrow event, held at Coomera Anglican College.  T4T is a professional learning consortium for educators implementing Digital Technologies, Digital Literacy and 21st Century practice in schools.

It has been exciting to witness the dawn of true collaboration and the creation of professional learning opportunities here at Coomera Anglican College.  Placing us at the forefront of future focussed learning for all within our community.

Participants were from across all jurisdictions including Education Queensland, Lutheran Education, Catholic Education and Independent Schools Queensland (ISQ).  We also had in attendance a representative from the Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority (QCAA) and our keynote was Dr James Curran from Grok Learning.  James was also one of the original writers of the Australian Curriculum: Digital Technologies. 
Attendees, including staff from Coomera Anglican College, were treated to an afternoon of professional learning that incorporated various guest speakers.  Beth Claydon (Technologies and Innovation Specialist at Coomera Anglican College), Danny MacKenzie (STEM Teacher – Junior Years from Trinity Lutheran College) and Marcia McMahon (Teacher Librarian, Digital Technology Specialist and Apple Teacher from Park Lake State School).  It was wonderful to hear of their digital transformation stories within their context.

The intent of the community is to work collaboratively towards innovative Digital Technologies integration and implementation.  It is hoped that future events such as this will be held at the College so as to improve practice and support our students as they develop current and emerging 21st Century capabilities and skills.

Many thanks to the various College staff that supported the event.  It was a complete success and plans are already in place for Teachers4Tomorrow events in 2022.