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Taking Sport to the Next Level

Since its inception, Coomera Anglican College has always focused on nurturing all students’ individual strengths across a range of areas, leading the College to develop a specialised sporting programme that encourages student talent – the Athlete Development Programme (ADP).

Sport is an important learning environment that has not only proven to have a range of physical and mental benefits, but is also an area that requires the necessary stepping stones for students who wish to progress to elite levels of competition.
Following the success of teams in the Associated Private School (APS) competition, Club and school based competitions, Coomera Anglican College established the ADP which draws upon the experience of the College’s staff as well as the expert experience of former world champion triathlete and Olympic Silver Medallist, Loretta Harrop.

Running weekly for the first three terms of the year, the ADP is for selected sportspeople in Years 4 to 8 and concludes with the competition and the ADP Athlete of the Year Award. The programme sees students focus on the improvement of their overall fitness levels in the areas of cardiovascular endurance, strength, flexibility, speed and agility as well as mental preparation and the role it plays in athlete development.

The success of the programme has also seen the College expand facilities to manage the increased demand, giving students the opportunity to train in the recently refurbished, world class gymnasium with a Plae floor (only the third of its kind installed in Australia). Looking to the future, Coomera Anglican College has its sights set on the continued improvement and construction of more facilities to assist students in taking their sporting abilities to the next level and to meet their overall goal of inspiring excellence.

The ADP currently involves approximately 140 students. Students are invited to join the ADP based on their representative achievement in APS Athletics, Swimming and Cross Country teams, passing a fitness test and reaching a higher level of skill in a sport of their choice.

For more information about Coomera Anglican College’s Athlete Development Programme, visit the website