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Our Humble Netballer

Coomera Anglican College’s Year 10 student Elka Macaulay has taken the netball world by a quiet, yet successful storm.

Elka Macaulay is currently a Bond University netball player in Netball Queensland’s Ruby series and a 2022 U17s training partner.

Netball Queensland’s Ruby Series underpins the HART Sapphire Series, helping provide a direct pathway for developing emerging talent. It allows players like Elka exposure to high-profile coaches and highly experienced players. Participating in this league helps form a crucial step in the development framework for players to move to the Suncorp Super Netball competition.

Outside of semi-professional netball, Elka is a vital part of Coomera Anglican College’s  Open Netball team and the Senior Netball Academy. She is a home-grown talent and a testimony to the College’s netball pathway.

Elka dominates the shooting circle with her calm manner and strong holding stance, something unique for such a young netballer. However, you will never hear her boast about her achievements as she is always ready to improve her skillsets and learn from her teammates and coaches.

For Elka playing at her very best is the only thing which matters. After narrowly missing out on going to State Titles as the younger age of the U17s in 2021  (she was only 14 at the time ) she is determined to showcase her abilities as a training partner in the U17s team.

“I really want to make the Queensland squad again,” says Elka, “But first, I need to make the state titles team for my club.”

“Playing at the semi-professional level for Bond Bullsharks has made me stronger mentally and physically.

Playing at this level (semi-professional for Bond Bullsharks) has made me stronger mentally and physically.

“The exposure to strong oppositions in the series has definitely made me gain confidence,” says Elka.

There is no better way to describe Macaulay other than a hardworking and humble athlete.

Bond University Bullsharks Ruby Head Coach Kim Boland attested to Elka’s modest approach to her game.

“We had a conversation about her not starting, and she said to me, ‘whatever you must do to win the game, you do that.’ She is one of those athletes who will do anything for the team. It’s not about what can she achieve to look like the superstar; it’s what can we do to win the game,” Boland talking about Elka after a close game against the Gold Coast Titans.

“For a 15-year-old, what she has been able to achieve is amazing. I only started working with Elka going into the 16s State titles in 2021, and what she achieved to get into that (Queensland) squad as a 14-year-old turning 15 was a massive achievement.

“Elka is very humble, she has a high work ethic and always pushes herself beyond what is required.

“She’s always going to post (to shoot) after training and any conditioning or footwork. That’s what I love to see in a young shooter. That’s exceptional for someone her age, as you generally see many cocky young shooters who think they are too good and do not need to practise.

“This mindset will make her a great athlete for the future. She knows doing that one percenter (like shooting after training drills) daily will get her over the line to be a phenomenal athlete.

“She’s still got a lot of learning to do, but the hunger is there, and she wants to learn. She’s always asking questions; she’s always working hard. I see good things in the future for her.

“Elka’s potential is endless at the moment.”