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North Gold Coast Seahawks continues Strategic Partnership with CAC

Coomera Anglican College has always been committed to providing holistic education that supports students' academic and personal growth. With that in mind, the College established a partnership with North Gold Coast Seahawks in 2017, recognizing the critical role that sports play in shaping a student's character and personal development.

Over the past few years, the partnership has grown from strength to strength, and the College and North Gold Coast Seahawks have worked together across multiple levels of the association. Together, they have prioritised the development of junior players, creating opportunities for them to progress from introductory basketball programs to the Queensland State League and beyond.

As a result of the partnership, not only have Coomera Anglican College students have been able to access world-class coaching and training programs, which have helped them develop their skills and abilities as basketball players.  

In addition, North Gold Coast Seahawks have been able to leverage the College's expertise in education to enhance their programs and offer a more comprehensive and well-rounded experience to their players.  The College has also been able to offer students the opportunity to participate in a range of local and national competitions, exposing them to a high level of competition and allowing them to develop their game in a challenging environment.