Meet our Founding Principal | Coomera Anglican College

Meet our Founding Principal

Dr Mark Sly is the guiding light and the foundation Principal of Coomera Anglican College. 

Since the opening of the College in 1997, Dr Sly has been committed to leading a progressive educational environment that is future-focused, mentoring and guiding the College and wider communityThis great achievement is not individual by any means – as nothing worthwhile ever is. 

With qualifications in Marine Biology, Teaching, Educational Administration, Leadership and Theology, Dr Sly has heavily invested in his own education, personal and professional development – reinforcing his personal belief of the mindset of flourishing.

Dr Sly is an active member of the Australia College of Educators, Australian Council for Education Leaders and the Anglican Schools Commission, is chair of the Queensland’s Anglican Heads Advisor Committee and is the President of Anglican Schools Australia. Dr Sly works with a number of membership-based organisations to ensure that he is at the forefront of education philosophy, forever learning and continuing his own development so that he can continue to lead and mentor others. 

Dr Mark Sly

Dr Sly’s philosophy around education and learning is to meet learners where they are at and believes that with the right environment and circumstances individuals can learn most things. This has been the driving force behind Coomera Anglican College since its inception and has led to the concept of Flourishing; to become the best version of yourself by educating the whole person; mind, heart, soul and strength.

This ethos has lead Dr Sly to a holistic approach to education by embedding a wide range of programs, co-curricular activities and high performing centres at the College to ensure students develop academically, culturally, socially, emotionally, physically and spiritually as future leaders of tomorrow.