Little people doing big things | Coomera Anglican College

Little people doing big things

Preparing life-long learners

Coomera Anglican College Early Learning Centre (located within the Northern Gold Coast) is filled with many little people full of hope and imagination. They are optimistic and positive, looking at the world for what it could be. 

Like the Apollo Space programme fifty years ago, that put astronauts on the moon; they believe that there is nothing stopping them and that their dreams will come true too. 

As a community, we share and celebrate the growth of each child in the Early Learning Centre. For our young people the signs of physical growth and developmental milestones are easily identified, shared and celebrated. 

Each day someone bounds into the Centre announcing that they are another year older, can count to ten, have mastered the art of riding a bike with only two wheels, can reach the button to buzz the Centre door and can write their name. All of which, in a child’s eyes, are very significant accomplishments.

What is more exciting to watch is the growth of character strengths and learning dispositions - persistence, resilience, independence, confidence and self-belief. Through active engagement in a variety of learning experiences, the children have discovered that mistakes are all part of learning and that success is something everyone can achieve.

Our Pre-Preparatory Programme provides opportunities for meaningful activities that support integrated learning of concepts and skills. The children invent play scenarios at the dirt patch that has been transformed into a mud patch filled with archaeologists and palaeontologists on a dig looking for dinosaur bones and rare crystals. They expand their creativity on the art verandah, investigate the life cycle of a seed in the garden and research bridges from around the world using technology as they problem solve through construction in block corner. 

These life-long learners, they experiment with rhyming sounds and words in early literacy through Jolly Phonics and engage with number, patterning and sequencing in early numeracy. As a Christian Centre, we celebrate our faith at Worship with the children from Preparatory and Year One. With the support of qualified Early Childhood teachers, our Pre-Preparatory children embrace a programme where play has a purpose and opportunities abound. 

Coomera Anglican College Early Learning Centre proudly strives to support future College Captains, dramatic performers, soloists, musicians, teachers, scientists, marine biologists, palaeontologists, doctors, veterinarians, mechanics, builders, digital technology wizards, construction workers and engineers, all ready to confidently dream a dream and transition through to the College to start making their dream a reality. 

BY: Jenny Rees | Early Learning Centre Director