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Junior Secondary Leaders 2019

It is with great joy that I write to inform you of the Junior Secondary Leaders for 2019. The selection process was a particularly daunting one, given the nature and quality of applicants. As with most experiences of this nature, there are always going to be those who were less successful than their peers. I deliberately avoid the term unsuccessful because in truth, every single applicant in this process, has experienced success of some kind. Whether this success manifests itself in the form of the ‘job interview’ like experience, the nerve-bending exercise of addressing an entire campus of peers or composing a letter of application for the role, these activities have put all candidates in a better position for life, than where they were before the process commenced. It would be remiss of me to not mention the dignity and integrity with which all candidates received the news of their individual results. They should all be proud. 

The Junior Secondary Leaders for 2019 listed below will do an outstanding job of representing our College in the upcoming year.

Junior Secondary Captains
Lachlan Bergin
Ashlyn O'Toole

SRC Representative
Jessica Dobbie and Lataya Oweis

Faith Leader
Tannaya-Paris Bartlett

Gibbs House Captains
Lily Delaney and Eden Rieck

Smith House Captains
Bowie Hawke and Brooklyn Lowe

Morris House Captains
Tom Macarthur and Mikayla Maudsley

Lane House Captains
Sophie Miller and Lachlan Sheppard

Congratulations to these students.

Greg Golder - Head of Junior Secondary