Welcome NASA to the Gold Coast | Coomera Anglican College

Coomera Anglican College Welcomes NASA to the Gold Coast

In celebration of the launch of Coomera Anglican College’s future-focused centre, The Pod, on Friday 1 June, the College had the honour of hosting Mr Stephen Hunter, Manager of the International Space Station’s Computer Resources from NASA Johnson Space Centre in Houston, Texas.

With 24 years of experience with NASA to draw on including computer architecture, networks, software development and integration, imagery hardware as well as all new IT related technology, Mr Hunter brought his skills to the College and worked alongside students.

In addition to sharing stories of his experience working with astronauts, space exploration and computer science, Mr Hunter took Junior Secondary students on a virtual journey on board the International Space Station with astronaut Scott Kelly who travelled more than 2 million kilometres, orbited the Earth 5,440 times and saw 16 sunrises and sunsets per day over 340 days.  

With the Federal Government’s recent announcement of funding for an Australian Space Agency, the Australian space industry is estimated to be worth $12 billion by the year 2030. With one eye focused on the future, Coomera Anglican College believes The Pod will meet the needs of students in a rapidly changing technological landscape and prepare them for the jobs and opportunities of the future.

The College hopes this is the start of a long and fruitful relationship with Mr Hunter to inspire students as they look to the future. 

For more information or to take a virtual tour of The Pod, visit the website at https://www.cac.qld.edu.au/facilities/the-pod-and-imaginarium