Student Success at Lions Youth of the Year Program | Coomera Anglican College

Student Success at Lions Youth of the Year Program

2023 College Captains, Lindsey W, recently participated in the Lions Youth of the Year 2023 competition.

The Lions Youth of the Year program is a prestigious event that has been running for over 55 years, providing young people with an opportunity to showcase their talents, leadership skills, and community involvement. 

Participants are judged across a range of categories including academic performance, leadership skills, community involvement, public speaking and general knowledge.

The program also encourages participants to get involved in their local communities - fostering a sense of civic responsibility and community spirit.

The Lions Youth of the Year program offers a range of prizes and scholarships for participants including cash prizes and educational scholarships. These rewards can help participants to pursue their academic and career goals, providing a valuable opportunity for young people to invest in their future.

The program is divided into three stages. The first stage is the Club level where participants are selected by local Lions Clubs to compete in the next stage. The second stage is the Zone level where participants compete against other Club level winners from the surrounding area. The third and final stage is the District level where the Zone level winners compete for the title of District winner.

Lindsey not only impressed the judges with her poise and eloquence during her interview, two impromptu speeches and a prepared speech, but she also won the title of Best Speaker of the night and was named the overall winner of the competition. 

Her outstanding performance at the Club level has secured her position in the second stage of the competition - the Zone level.

This is a tremendous achievement for Lindsey and a testament to her hard work and dedication. Her success serves as an inspiration to other young people who are interested in participating in this highly regarded competition and her win reflects the incredible potential and talent that young people possess.

We are incredibly proud of her and look forward to supporting her as she continues her journey in the Lions Youth of the Year competition.