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Class of 2019

Coomera Anglican College graduates among some of the smartest students in the State

Gold Coast OP scores were revealed over the weekend with Coomera Anglican College students achieving well above Queensland State averages. The Gold Coast Bulletin said “The Gold Coast is proving to be home to some of the smartest students in the state”, with Coomera Anglican College graduates included in these statistics.

The 2019 Coomera Anglican College graduates received their Overall Positions (OP) for their admissions into university, many scoring impressive results. This is the final year to receive an OP before the new ATAR system is introduced in 2020.

Of the 2019 cohort, 80 Coomera Anglican College students received an OP ranging from 1 to 20.
27.5% of our students received an OP of 1 - 5, which is 5% higher than the state average of 22.5%.
62.5% of our students received an OP of 1-10, 8.2% higher than the QLD state average.

Coomera Anglican College graduate Ricky Tang celebrated an OP score of 1 and was absolutely thrilled with his results. Ricky, who is from Hong Kong has been living with his Homestay family while attending the College since Year 10.  Ricky’s host family, Sally Thompson said, “Ricky worked extremely hard and his OP score was a true representation of all the work he had put in”.

Ricky is hoping to continue his studies with a Bachelor of Veterinary Biology and Doctor of Veterinary Medicine combined degree at the University of Sydney. “The result of an OP 1 has opened a door of opportunities for me” Ricky said. “I have automatically gained entry for different scholarships around the world, including an internship at an animal hospital and the possibility of applying for Cambridge University’s veterinary program in 2021” said Ricky.

College Captain Makenzie Brown scored an OP of 3 and plans to attend the University of Queensland, majoring in Political Science and Writing, and to pursue visual art and playwriting as hobbies to keep her sane.  

Mackenzie said “When electing my senior subjects in Year 10, there was always one concern raised regarding my selection: What about my OP? Cautious of the ranking system that typically favours subjects such as Physics and Maths C, choosing a completely science-less and stereo typically “arty” timetable was considered a direct pathway to an OP 25”.
“However, it is my firm belief that passion and enjoyment are keys to success, and I know that I could never have achieved what I did had I not truly loved what I was learning". "This OP 3 has simply confirmed that if you work hard enough, it will lead to success” Mackenzie said.

ABOVE PHOTO: Coomera Anglican College Graduates Ricky Tang (OP 1) and College Captain, Mackenzie Brown (OP 3).

Coomera Anglican College is celebrating some terrific results with almost two- thirds of the Year 12 students earning an OP between 1 and 10.  Wayne van den Bos, Head of Senior Schooling at Coomera Anglican College said: “Many of our students have worked very hard this year and achieved some wonderful results, they should be proud of themselves”. “A large number of our graduating students commenced their schooling journey in the Early Learning Centre and have been guided along the way by our supportive and encouraging teachers and of course, parents”.

Mr van den Bos said, “As the students embark on their next adventure in life, whether it be University, Trade College, Travelling or straight into the workforce, we truly wish them the best”. "We will miss the students, however, we are confident that they leave the College as independent, resilient communicators who are prepared to make a significant contribution to the global community and carry on the core values of the College – imagine, Listen, Respect".