Cameron Stuart - Class of 2011 - Flying High | Coomera Anglican College

Cameron Stuart - Class of 2011 - Flying High

Flying High

Can you tell us a bit about your time as a student here at Coomera Anglican College? 

My time at Coomera Anglican College were some of the best years of my life. Attending the College from Year 8 to Year 12 observed lifelong friendships, a great education and many memories. I have many fond memories from my time at the College which included more cocurricular activities than what I knew was good for me and staying up all hours of the night studying and doing assignments I left until the last minute. Most memorable was the efforts I would go to in my attempts to dodge Dr Sly during morning drop-offs in Year 8 and 9 when I had ‘forgotten’ my Formal Hat or Blazer. He would stand perched at the intersection between the basketball courts and the library. I would try to time my dash for when he was talking to other students, or I would walk the long way around the library and past the secondary block just to avoid a lecture from him. [I now have to wear a suit jacket and hat to work every day, so I guess you get the last Laugh Dr Sly.].  


What have you been up since leaving College?

After graduating from the College in 2011 I went on to study a Bachelor of Aviation and an Advanced Diploma of Instrument Flight Operations with the hope of becoming a Commercial Airline pilot. Practically this translated to a three-year degree and a further 18 months of practical flight training to obtain a commercial pilots licence. Once qualified my first job was to pilot a skydiving aircraft progressing on to become a Flight Instructor, teaching trainee Airline Cadets from various Asian Airline Carriers in learning to fly an aircraft. In the journey of progressing my career and increasing my flying hours, I had jobs and job opportunities around Australia and Internationally. Eventually, I would obtain my current position as a First Officer for Qantaslink based in Brisbane on the Dash 8 Q400 aircraft.

What are your interests and passions?

I am very lucky in the Airlines to have perks associated with travel, and I have been fortunate to see some amazing parts of the world in recent years, my favourite destination thus far is Egypt. So much history and the architectural marvel of the Pyramids, Temples and tunnel systems are mind-blowing. It is a country I recall fascinating me in my schooling studies and I was lucky enough to explore Egypt in 2019. 

On the other side of the COVID-19 crisis it is my goal to visit every country in the world... still so much more to see. Travel aside, my passion for flying has observed different teaching opportunities both inside and outside the aircraft and I am a current sessional staff member at Griffith University in the Aviation Undergraduate Degree Program. When I am not in the air working, you will catch me on my bike or running around Brisbane training for a triathlon. 

“I now have to wear a suit jacket and hat to work everyday, so I guess you get the last laugh Dr Sly”.

What skills did Coomera Anglican College equip you with that you are using now?

My maths teachers would be horrified to know that I haven’t had to apply Quadratic Formula in my day to day work as a Pilot, however, my biggest takeaway from my time at the College was certainly patience and persistence. The teaching staff often invested time and effort over and above their call of duty in me. As a self-described slow, but motivated learner, I have often reflected on their efforts and attempted to parallel them in my attempts to teach and exchange knowledge with my students.

What words of wisdom can you give current Coomera Anglican College Students?

Take the time to harness your relationships with the teachers, they will help you develop your mind and character. Work tirelessly on the skills you struggle with as life after school will often expose and test your weaknesses. Enjoy the journey they are the best years of your life!