CACaburras Embark on Bronze Duke of Edinburgh Expedition | Coomera Anglican College

CACaburras Embark on Bronze Duke of Edinburgh Expedition

On Saturday 12 March 2022, Year 10 Coomera Anglican College students adventured through Mt Barney National Park to complete their Adventurous Journey for their Bronze Duke of Edinburgh (DoE) Award.

The Award is an internationally recognised youth development program for all young adults aged 14 to 24, helping cultivate individual goal setting and self-improvement through persistence and achievement.

There are three levels from Bronze, Silver and Gold, which progressively become more challenging as the candidates achieve each Award level. The three Awards have four equally important sections, voluntary service, physical recreation, skills, and adventurous journey.

The Adventurous Journey Section of the Bronze Award allows participants to learn more about the wider environment and develop self-confidence whilst undertaking challenging circumstances. 

Our students worked on the DoE skills, which align with Coomera Anglican College’s future-focused 21st Century goals. To succeed in the Adventurous Journey component of their Bronze Award, students must demonstrate the skills of Leadership, Teamwork, Initiative, Problem-solving, Resilience and Empathy.

The small group of Coomera Anglican College students led by College teachers, Mr Manson and Mr Sendon, adventured through the Saturday and braved mosquito-stricken conditions from recent flooding events until setting up camp near Mt Barney Creek at Paddy’s Plains.

CACaburras overlooking the sights of Mt Barney National Park (near Rathdowney)

Students spent a night camping in the national park to satisfy Award requirements and cooked their own hot meals.

Year 10 Duke of Edinburgh Bronze participant, Chelsea Owen, described the journey as a rewarding experience with unique natural landmarks.

“On the first day, we hiked up the side of Paddy’s Peak, stopping by a beautiful waterfall for a quick break,” Chelsea recalled.

“As we were leaving the waterfall, it was getting dark, so we turned on our head torches to continue the last stretch of the hike to the campsite.”

“We set up camp in a clearing in the forest, ready for the walk the next day. I want to thank Mr Manson and Mr Sendon for making the camp possible and encouraging us along the way,” said miss Owen.

Although the hike was challenging, students returned home on the Sunday with full spirits, thankful to have successfully completed their qualifying Bronze Duke of Edinburgh Adventurous journey.