ASC Appoints New College Council Chair | Coomera Anglican College

ASC Appoints New College Council Chair

On 16 February 2023, The Anglican Schools Commission (ASC) announced its decision to appoint Reverend Mary-Anne Rulfs to the position of Council Chair for Coomera Anglican College.  This appointment is a significant development for the College and signals an exciting new chapter in its history.

Reverend Mary-Anne is already a familiar face to many in the College community. She has previously served as the College Chaplain for several years and as Associate Priest at Robina Anglican Church. Her extensive experience in these roles, coupled with her impressive qualifications, makes her a natural fit for the position of Council Chair.

Let's take a closer look at the remarkable journey that has brought Reverend Mary-Anne to this pivotal point in her career.

Reverend Mary-Anne's journey began with her Bachelor of Applied Science in Physiotherapy from Cumberland College of Health Sciences, a degree that equipped her with the knowledge and skills to help people recover from injuries and illnesses. However, despite the great satisfaction she derived from this work, Reverend Mary-Anne felt a calling to a different kind of service.

In pursuit of this calling, Reverend Mary-Anne decided to deepen her knowledge of theology, enrolling in a Bachelor of Theology program at Charles Sturt University. This decision opened up a world of new possibilities, giving her the tools she needed to explore her faith in a deeper, more meaningful way.

Following her Bachelor's degree, Reverend Mary-Anne went on to earn a Master of Theology from Cardiff University. This advanced degree gave her a profound understanding of the complex theological issues that shape the Anglican church as well as the skills to provide pastoral support to communities of faith.

With her extensive academic qualifications and pastoral experience, Reverend Mary-Anne was well-prepared to enter the ministry. She served as College Chaplain at Coomera Anglican College for several years where she inspired and supported students in their faith journeys. She also worked as an Associate Priest at Robina Anglican Church where she provided pastoral care to a large and diverse community.

Now, as Council Chair for Coomera Anglican College, Reverend Mary-Anne has the opportunity to use her knowledge and expertise to help shape the future of the school. Her academic qualifications and experience in pastoral care will be an asset to the school and the wider community as she advises ACSQ churches on building faith-forming relationships, Anglican school chaplaincy and practical theology.

Reverend Mary-Anne's appointment is a testament to her remarkable journey and her commitment to serving others. She is a true inspiration and we look forward to seeing the great things she will accomplish in her new role as Council Chair for Coomera Anglican College.