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Wednesday, 06 Sep 2023

Early Learning Centre Indigenous Garden

Consistent with our Centre philosophy, it depicts connection and respect to land, families and community, with a strong focus on the inclusion of all children as they learn and transition through our service. Across the tank trails the Coomera River, while along the bottom, symbols represent the hills that surround...
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Monday, 07 Aug 2023

Meet Dom Fay - Faith and Spirituality Coordinator

When Dom is not working in the Faith and Spirituality space at the College, he can be found in our recording studio, interviewing guests for the College podcast “The CAC-cast.”  We decided to take the opportunity to switch places with Dom and ask him a few questions about his career...
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Monday, 07 Aug 2023

Changing the lives of young people

Emerald attended the College from 1999 to 2008 where she excelled in visual arts, soccer, and basketball. Since leaving the College Emerald became a mum to four beautiful children and completed her Bachelor of Social Science and is now completing her Masters in Secondary Teaching (English & Humanities).  While studying...
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Wednesday, 26 Jul 2023

Artist in Residence: Therese Flynn-Clarke

For Year 9 Art students at Coomera Anglican College, this connection was taken to new heights during a series of workshops held at the College and led by esteemed artist and educator, Therese Flynn-Clarke. Known for her diverse range of artistic skills and her deep appreciation for the natural world, Therese...
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Monday, 24 Jul 2023

Student Voice: OUR Future Learning

WORDS - Lindsey White and Sophie Wedding
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Wednesday, 19 Jul 2023

Accelerate 2023: Empowering Students to Explore and Create

This student-centered initiative aims to foster creativity, critical thinking and enterprise skills, preparing young minds for the challenges of the future. The program kicked off with the Lift-Off event, a half-day immersion designed to inspire and guide students towards their self-identified objectives. The Lift-Off event served as a platform...
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Monday, 17 Jul 2023

The Hub; the heartbeat of our College

However, with the rise of technology and the digital age, libraries have faced challenges in maintaining their relevance in an ever-changing landscape. Despite these challenges, libraries in schools have not only survived but have thrived, adapting to the changing needs of students and offering new and innovative services that are...
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Tuesday, 11 Jul 2023

Coomera Anglican College welcomes Soon Hee Newbold

As part of the College's commitment to providing exceptional music education opportunities, this special event aimed to enhance the musical skills and ignite the passion of our talented music students. Soon Hee Newbold is widely recognised for her exceptional musical talent and renowned compositions. Her works, performed by orchestras and...
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Monday, 03 Jul 2023

Literacy Matters a Lot!

WORDS - Catherine Hallewell – Head of English We are very fortunate to enjoy a collective approach to encouraging students’ literacy growth, with the entire secondary staff taking ownership and working together to foster ever-increasing literacy outcomes. 1. For staff and all students (by staff)  Late in 2020, a Literacy...
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