Past Students Association | Coomera Anglican College

Welcome to the Coomera Anglican College Past Students Association

As members of the Past Students Association, you have a wonderful opportunity to stay connected and continue being an integral part of our College community.

We genuinely enjoy hearing about your post-graduation experiences and achievements, be it in your career, studies, travels, marriage, family, or aspirations for the future. Your stories inspire us, and we take great pleasure in sharing them with our community.

Moreover, the Past Students Association offers a platform for reconnecting with your former classmates, fostering lasting friendships and memories. It also serves as a valuable resource for organizing high school reunions, allowing you to reminisce and celebrate the cherished moments of your time at our institution.

We trust that your association with the Past Students Association will be rewarding and fulfilling, as you continue to thrive and contribute to the broader College community. Your journey does not end with graduation, but rather continues to evolve, and we are excited to be a part of it.

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