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A Smooth Transition

A Smooth Transition

Our experience has shown that students in this age group have very specific needs, as such we have designed a programme to meet those.

Staff who work with our students are trained to meet their unique needs and have a genuine care and understanding of these transition years between the Primary and the Senior Secondary schools.

The Junior Secondary programme at Coomera Anglican College provides a stimulating learning environment for middle adolescents in Years 7 - 9. Middle adolescence is a time characterised by growth and the College recognises that during these years students need to adjust to profound physical, intellectual, emotional and social changes. At Coomera Anglican College, we are committed to supporting every child in their endeavour to reach their full potential.

A Smooth Transition

 While academic learning will always be our core business, we are also dedicated to helping our students develop socially, emotionally and spiritually. With the fast pace of today’s world, middle adolescents can struggle to find the balance between their social lives and their academic workload.  By encouraging a growth mindset, and infusing the Habits of Mind and mindfulness into the Junior Secondary curriculum, we are encouraging our students to stop, reflect and think flexibly.

In Junior Secondary we encourage students to follow their dreams; celebrate their unique talents; and to pursue a path of lifelong learning. Through the pastoral care programme, assemblies, worship and cocurricular activities students are provided with many opportunities to gain self-confidence and develop a sense of self-worth from activities - both inside and outside the classroom.

While Coomera Anglican College is located in a growing region of the Gold Coast, we work hard to maintain the qualities of a small community based on our iLR values of imagine, listen, respect.   Each year we witness the joy of students as they discover what a special place the Junior Secondary campus is and we look forward to guiding each individual on their journey.

Why Junior Secondary?

The Junior Secondary Programme creates a more seamless transition for our students. While the academic demands of Junior Secondary are greater than those of the Primary years, the Junior Secondary curriculum focuses on both the skills of learning and creative approaches to acquiring knowledge and forming understandings. The Year 7 programme facilitates a gradual, integrated approach to Secondary education that allows students to be challenged at a level most appropriate to their individual needs. In essence, our Junior Secondary programme creates a dedicated learning community which focuses on the academic and developmental needs of early adolescents within the Coomera Anglican College Community.

Pastoral Care

From the inception of our College we have worked hard at establishing a culture based on strong community, mutual respect and open communication. This has became articulated in the language of our values culture- iLR. imagine, Listen, Respect. These three words simplify yet clarify what Coomera Anglican College is all about. As students grow and move across the three campuses of our College, we have a responsibility to ensure that they steadily become independent thinkers, willing to take responsibility for their own learning and actions as members of our community. We want them to become strong advocates for social justice and be able to contribute meaningfully towards the creation of just, inclusive, diverse, sustainable communities. We want them to reflect the strong values of our College and your families, and be proud of their commitment and contribution to the wider society. We want our students to be challenged, stimulated and encouraged to strive to be everything that God made them to be. In the goals we set for our students we are mindful of their age and stage of development. A toddler in the Early Learning Centre and a student in Year 5 have a different capacity to understand what “imagine” means, while a senior Year 12 student has a different concept, and expectations placed on them around the notion of independence. While the culture, the values and the concepts remain consistent throughout the College, the manifestation of those values may differ for students of different levels of maturity. We are very mindful that the transition from Primary to our Junior Secondary requires some adjusting for students and our transition programme ensures we cater well for students in this regard. Year 7 often coincides with the onset of puberty which is characterised by change (physical, social, intellectual and emotional). Young people of this age begin to develop a need for autonomy and social identity which sometimes makes it undesirable for parents to be visibly involved in the day to day schooling of their adolescent. However, it is during this time that they seek out and rely on their parents for supportive and active involvement in all aspects of their life including school. As a College we encourage parents to take an active interest in their child’s College life by assisting with homework, reading the newsletter and attending College events and activities as these are all proactive ways that you can support your child.

Curriculum Overview

Academic learning will always be the core business of Coomera Anglican College. Our students are encouraged to develop independence and a responsible approach to both their studies and their relationships with others. Coomera Anglican College teachers develop quality curriculum in accordance with the Australian Curriculum. The curriculum incorporates the development of knowledge and understanding and the skills required to problem solve and critically analyse information in order to develop higher level thinking skills. The curriculum is designed to academically challenge your children and excite their imaginations with information and skills relevant to the world in which they live and possibly the future that they will create. Students study the Learning Areas of English, Health and Physical Education, Humanities, Languages, Mathematics, Religious and Values Education, Science, Technologies and The Arts. These subject areas include a wide variety of learning units, all with specialist teachers in subjects that will become future elective options from Year 9 onwards.

Subjects in Junior Secondary

English • Health and Physical Education • Athlete Development Programme • Humanities • Business Education • Chinese Language • Mathematics • Mathematics Extension • Number Facts • Religious and Values Education • Science • Design Technology • Graphics • Digital Technology • Robotics • Food Technology • The Arts • Drama • Media • Music • Visual Art

Explore The Latest Technology

All students from Pre-Prep to Year 12 use computers and other related technology on a daily basis. In addition to specialist elearning rooms, technology is available in all classrooms through a variety of means. Primary classrooms are fitted with electronic whiteboards and/or banks of laptops computers and iPads. The College eMind Programme provides secondary students with take home laptop computers, tablets and other devices.