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Thursday, 15 February 2018 01:38

Mobile Dental Van Information

Gold Coast Oral Health Services are offering free dental check-ups and treatment to all eligible children (see below for eligibility requirements).

This service will be provided on-site by Mobile Dental Clinic 120A.
The van is currently located at Upper Coomera State College (until April 23rd) in the staff car park near gate 4. Hours of operation for this clinic are Monday – Friday 8.00am – 4.30 pm



To arrange an appointment for your child telephone:

The Oral Health Client Service Centre
1300 300 850
Monday – Friday 8.00 am – 4.30 pm (Excluding Public Holidays)


For children to be eligible for free public oral health services they must:

•    Be Queensland residents or attend a Queensland school; and,
•    Be eligible for Medicare*; and,
•    Meet at least one of the following criteria:
o    be aged four years or older and have not completed Year 10; or,
o    be eligible for the Medicare Child Dental Benefits Schedule; or,
o    hold, or be listed as a dependent on, a valid Centrelink concession card

*Eligibility for Medicare includes holders of green or blue Medicare cards but excludes yellow Medicare cards which are issued to visitors from countries with reciprocal health card agreements

Further information on public funded oral health services can be accessed via URL:


Mobile Dental clinic 1

Wednesday, 14 February 2018 21:50

From the Principal's Desk - Week 4, Term 1 2018


Dear Parents, Staff and StudentsMark Sly1


We have had a very hot week this late in summer, which has been a little unusual. We are fortunate to have all classrooms and work spaces air conditioned these days, unlike the early days of the College. Although some areas may struggle when it is very hot for long periods, we have cool classrooms available that staff and students can access. We commenced this cooling process by air conditioning new buildings as they were constructed and then over time have completed air conditioning all classrooms. For a few years, PAFA contributed some funds to this cooling project, which has also been appreciated. Nevertheless, the hot weather doesn’t seem to deter the young children from running around at lunch time. It would be nice to have that same energy level once again.


I hope by now that all families have been contacted by your child’s class teacher. Many of you will have met the teacher personally during the series of information evenings, and others have probably received an email or phone call. It is important that all parents know their child’s teacher, as communication is the key to success in any relationship.


Those who were not bothered by the warmer weather this week have been our APS swimmers. The Secondary carnival took place yesterday and the Primary carnival was held today. The Secondary team finished 3rd in the percentage trophy, which is a reflection of the total points for the school population. I do not have the Primary results at the time of writing this article. Congratulations to all swimmers who represented our College so well in these teams.


Ash Wednesday was celebrated on both Tuesday (for Secondary) and Wednesday (for Primary) this week. Ash Wednesday was a day of fasting and occurs seven weeks prior to Easter and marks the start of Lent in western Christianity. Lent is a 40-day period (plus 6 Sundays) in the lead up to Easter. According to the Gospels, Jesus spent 40 days fasting in the desert prior to commencing his public ministry, and Lent originated as mirroring this period where many Christians undergo fasting or giving up certain things to replicate Jesus’ sacrifice and preparation. The ashes used during Ash Wednesday services traditionally come from the burnt palm crosses used at the previous year’s Palm Sunday, and remind us that we are dust and to dust we will return. The wording we used with the students was more appropriate for them “God loves you, and Jesus is your friend”. It was great to see all students and staff involved in this important service.


This week also brings the excitement of the Year 12 Formal. Students have been looking forward to this Friday night for some time. The weather looks like being warm with a low chance of rain, so that should make it more pleasant for the arrival of students at Arundel Hills Country Club. I imagine a large crowd will gather to watch the highly anticipated arrival of the beautifully dressed Year 12 students in their fancy cars. We believe it is important to have this event at this time to enable the cohort to bond well together for their final year. It also allows the students to fully focus on their studies for the remainder of their secondary schooling, without the distraction that such an event can create. I look forward to this enjoyable evening.


Thank you - I would like to take this opportunity to thank and farewell Ms Renee Creswick. Renee has been Assistant Coordinator of Outside School Hours Care since 2009 and has done a fabulous job caring for children before and after school and during the vacations. Renee is moving to Canada, where I am sure she will enjoy some cooler weather. We wish Renee well and thank her most sincerely for her great service to the College. Many children will no doubt miss her.


Thank you for your continued support.


Yours sincerely

Mark Sly - Principal

Thursday, 08 February 2018 23:36

Literary Competition

If your child loves to write, please encourage him or her to enter the highly-regarded IEU Literary Competition.  Students from Years 7-12 can enter by composing an original poem, a short story or non-fiction prose to win cash prizes of up to $300.  Students can collect an Entry Form from Student Services in Secondary.  Entries are to be submitted in hard copy to Ms Hallewell by Friday 13 July 2018 for forwarding to the competition organisers.  Visit for more information.

Cathy Hallewell - Head of English

Wednesday, 07 February 2018 02:09

From the Principal's Desk - Week 3, Term 1 2018


Dear Parents, Staff and StudentsMark Sly1


The beautiful rain last weekend has done wonders for our ovals. The grass is looking green again and far more attractive than in the previous month. The rain has also brought cooler temperatures and that has been welcomed by us all.


This morning I saw a Headline “Will Robots Replace Teachers?” That is a very interesting and plausible question to ask as we head towards the end of the second decade of the twenty-first century. Students who have commenced using The Pod during the last week have seen the wonders of technology and how we can bring the outside world into the ‘classroom’. They have climbed mountains, visited rainforests and even travelled to Mars in the Imaginarium, in a fully immersive experience. If all that is possible in one space, could robots really be used to replace teachers? There is no doubt that robots are beginning to interact with humans. Some hotels in Japan are using robots as check-in clerks to book people into their accommodation. Robots can certainly undertake many manual tasks, and complete them far more efficiently and accurately than humans. ATMs dispense cash once done in a bank by a Teller. Cars can even drive and park themselves and countries like Singapore are using ‘robot’ controlled taxis. Can we extrapolate the amazing things that robots can do to assume that they could replace teachers? Robots can mark tests, they can calculate grades, they can monitor who is in a classroom, they can tell children when it is time to start and end each lesson, and they can even teach mathematical concepts. However, is this all we want from our teachers?


Teaching is a service industry. Our role as teachers is to serve the needs of our students. The needs of our students encompass academic, social, emotional, physical, cultural and spiritual elements. Robots may be able to serve some aspects of these needs but obviously not all. Good teaching requires human interaction and an understanding of emotion and individual needs. One day is different from the next. One lesson can be different from the next, as we are dealing with living, breathing beings who will have different needs at any one time. Not everyone learns at the same rate, in the same way. Good teachers understand that and cater for the individuals in their care. What works with one class might not work with another class of similar aged and motivated students. Even the combination of individuals in any given class can alter the required approach.


We are extremely fortunate that our teachers at Coomera Anglican College are not robots. They are highly motivated, engaged professionals who are committed to making a positive difference in the lives of their students. So while the age of the robot is coming and they can perform many tasks of increasing complexity, it is easy to answer the question “Will robots replace teachers?” with a resounding no! I would go so far as to suggest that any school that is worried about the rise of the robots does not have the quality of teachers that we do at our College.


We are nearing the end of our Parent Information Sessions for this term. These important events enable parents to hear about both general and specific information concerning their children. The partnership we have with parents is most important, so we can work together to support our students in the most appropriate way. We have reinforced issues of Cyber Safety at each of these events, and I have sent the link on Monday to access the cyber safety videos for parents. Given that Tuesday 6 February was Safer Internet Day, we have been working with our students all week about their online behaviour and safety. We need the support of parents with this at home too.


Thank you for your continued support.


Yours sincerely

Mark Sly - Principal

Tuesday, 06 February 2018 00:43

Safer Internet Day - 2018


Tuesday 6 February 2018 is Safer Internet Day, a day that is extremely important to our College as well as our College community. Safer Internet Day is run by the INSAFE network and is recognised every year around the world. As an eSMART College, our students and staff promote the positive use of being online as well as supporting each other to develop skills to stay safe.


In Australia, Safer Internet Day is coordinated by the Office of the eSafety Commissioner 

The 2018 theme is:

'Create, connect and share respect: A better internet starts with you'


Students will be involved in a range of activities or information sessions run throughout the College to celebrate the many positives of the internet. These activities help to raise awareness of the issues that children and young people face while they are online.

Primary students will be discussing positive behaviours with their teachers and fellow students, while Secondary students will have an opportunity to view materials to assist them in making positive choices online.

We believe that internet safety education is a crucial element of our College curriculum and an essential part of a young person's development. These activities are designed to strengthen and reinforce the safety messages that your children receive at College as well as in your home environment.  

Please feel free to discuss these activities with your children and promote the positive use of digital technology and the importance of remaining safe online.


Useful websites

Safer Internet logo

Many good websites can assist with being cyber smart.


Please feel free to email our eLearning Manager Mr Warren McMahon with any questions or concerns you may have

Warren McMahon - eLearning Manager -

Monday, 05 February 2018 23:50

Student Sporting Achievements

Congratulations to these students who have been selected in the following teams:


Jasmine Warpenius – Hinterland Open Girls Softball Team

Kane Hurley – South Coast U/19 Cricket Team

Caitlin Brown – South Coast Schools Aquathon Team

Edward Williams - South Coast Schools Triathlon Team

Lani Stasiakowski - South Coast Schools Aquathon Team

Jordan Rieck - South Coast Schools Triathlon Team

Daniel Prinsloo - South Coast Schools Aquathon Team

Jaime Evans – Hinterland U/12 Boys Hockey Team

Daniel Evans – Hinterland U/12 Boys Hockey Team

Monday, 05 February 2018 22:12

2018 House Swimming Carnivals - Results

2018 House Swimming Carnivals

The Year 4 to 6, Junior Secondary and Senior Secondary House Swimming carnivals held last week were very successful events. The House spirit and participation rates were fantastic and the competition for age champions keenly contested. Once again, the final results were extremley close. There were 15 new records set in all Carnivals which is a positive sign for the upcoming APS Swimming Carnivals. Congratulations to all competitors and to the parents who offered to help as officials on each of the days.

Specific results from each carnival were:


Primary Junior Secondary Senior Secondary
House Champion House Champion House Champion
1st- Lane - 939 points 1st - Lane - 1083.5 points 1st - Smith - 845 points
2nd - Morris - 784.5 points 2nd Smith 809 - points 2nd Lane - 673 points
3rd - Gibbs - 770.5 points 3rd - Gibbs - 749 points 3rd - Gibbs - 638 points
4th - Smith - 590 points 4th - Morris - 695.5 points 4th - Morris - 547 points
Primary Age Champions Junior Secondary Age Champions Senior Secondary Age Champions
U9 Girls U 12 Girls U 15 Girls
1st – Elizabeth Bemrose 1st – Caitlin Brown and Lani Stasiakowski 1st – Imogen Napier
2nd – Emily Tyerman 3rd – Marlie Crummer  2nd – Elisha Hurley 
3rd – Tanaka Nyambiya 3rd – Breanna Fowler and Elyshia Fowler 
U9 Boys U 12 Boys U 15 Boys
1st – Kobe Cross 1st – Ned Raynor  1st – Thomas Buenano-Thompson 
2nd – Nate Sullivan-Francis 2nd – Jayden Knight  2nd – Jack Baxter 
3rd – Jesse Edwards and Alexander Hogg
3rd – Charles Jewaskiewitz  3rd – Adam Baxter
U 10 Girls U 13 Girls U 16 Girls
1st – Emerson Jones 1st – Eden Rieck and Scarlett Young  1st – Aqua Cunningham 
2nd – Georga Templeton 3rd – Mia Feltham  2nd – Monique Charlton
3rd – Maddison Cooke 3rd – Ilana Price 
U 10 Boys U 13 Boys U 16 Boys
1st – Kade Stasiakowski  1st – Josiah Glasson  1st – Ethan Raynor 
2nd – Connor Hopgood 2nd – Dylan Devine  2nd – Edward Williams
3rd - Kai Evans 3rd – Mackenzie Hall  3rd – Ben Garner and Max Brown 
U 11 Girls U 14 Girls Open Girls
1st – Georgia Lea’aetoa 1st – Indiana Templeton  1st -  Jasmine Ruck 
2nd – Madelynn Bemrose  2nd – Renae Wieser  2nd – Kelly Heylen 
3rd – Teaghan Powell  3rd – Lily Golby  3rd – Zoe Ayres 
U 11 Boys U 14 Boys Open Boys
1st – Daniel Prinsloo  1st – Ryan Schirmacher  1st - Kyle Bartlett and Jackson Templeton
2nd – Flynn Hancock  2nd – Edan Tighe  3rd - Benjamin Wieser 
3rd – Banjo Baldwin  3rd – Max Chisholm 
U 12 Girls U 15 Girls
1st – Haylee Reid  1st – Taylor Butler 
2nd – Kyla Dodd 2nd – Brittany Young 
3rd – Isabella White  3rd – Baylie McLauchlan 
U 12 Boys U 15 Boys 
1st – Max Templeton  1st – Dylan Cole
2nd – Bailey Garnham  2nd – Jordan Rieck 
3rd – Hayden Jones  3rd – Jaspa Baldwin 

Primary House Carnival

Junior Secondary Swimming Carnival


Friday, 02 February 2018 01:24

Making Connections

CAC Connections is a newly-formed parent initiative, comprising business owners within our College community, who are seeking to support Coomera Anglican College by offering:

  • Career mentoring and advice for students

  • Work experience or traineeship opportunities for students

  • Support for the College corporate events programme

  • Networking opportunities with other business owners within the CAC community


This offers a great opportunity to CAC students (and possibly your own children) to get a feel for a profession that they may be interested in.  In addition, it just may introduce you, as an employer, to a future employee with the high standards that come with a CAC student.


We are keen to expand the CAC Connections group to include parent representatives from as many different career industries as possible.  If you are interested in being part of this important initiative, or would like more information, please contact:


Paul Simpson, CAC Connections parent rep:
Lynne Tarlinton, College Events Coordinator:


Dear Parents, Staff and StudentsMark Sly1


As I was reading a book called Reflecting God’s Presence this week, I came across this reflection written by Br Bill Firman, a De La Salle Christian Brother from Melbourne. I thought it provided a great message for parents at the start of a new year, so I have copied his text below (with some minor changes to our context). I could not have written this any better.


“We cannot transmit our own experience to our children: experience is something they must gain for themselves. Most of us, however, identify with the father who said, ‘I’m only trying to keep him from making the same mistakes I made.’ To which his son replied, ‘It would be better fun making my own mistakes.’


Hopefully, it is more than fun. We learn from the things we do wrong. We become stronger through having to cope with our mistakes and, in fact, any difficulties that come our way. Ultimately, parents are trying to raise adults, not children, and much of adult life is concerned with being able to face and resolve difficulties.


It is a mistake for parents to be over-protective for too long. It is necessary to let children make decisions and develop their own character and independent strength. There is much that children gain in experiencing things they do that go wrong – albeit a painful episode at the time. Yes, parents have a great role in trying to make sure the things that go wrong aren’t too major. Parents also have a significant part to play in helping children ‘pick up the pieces’ after things fall apart. Nonetheless, parents should keep in mind the metaphor that the young tree that will grow to be the strongest, is not the one most protected, but the one standing alone in the open struggling against the wind, rain and hot sun.


It is good to challenge oneself with difficult but realistic attainments. To climb Mt Warning in South East Queensland would be challenging but realistic for a fit young person, but to climb Mt Everest would be unrealistic except for very few well-trained and experienced climbers. There is a wonderful sense of satisfaction in working towards a clear goal and achieving it.” (Firman, 2008).


At the welcome for new students last week, I encouraged them to make mistakes, reminding them of Albert Einstein who said “A person who never made a mistake, never tried anything new.” At the start of a new year, many things are new for students as they take on the challenge of the next year level. Our role as adults is to assist them through the challenge in a positive manner and encourage them to step outside their comfort zones, take some risks and experience the joy that learning like this brings. There are many terms used for this approach including grit, resilience, character strengths, growth mindset and others, which reinforce the importance of students taking responsibility for their learning.


This week some of our top performing graduates of 2017 came to speak to the Senior Secondary students at the Honours Assembly, providing tips for success. While they each had their own specific suggestions, there was a common thread that ran through what they said had helped them most. Seeking and responding positively to teacher feedback, working together in study groups, having a balance between study, social life and other activities like sport and music, setting goals and sticking to them, starting tasks early and prioritising what is to be done were the main suggestions. The messages are similar each year and are valued by the senior students as they commence the final stage of their schooling.


I watched enviously as the Year 7 students set off for their camp yesterday morning. Being able to spend three days at the beach at this time of year is a great way for them to get to know each other and their teachers. Mr Golder was also looking forward to get to know Year 7 students and this gives him the perfect opportunity to do so early in the year.


The Pod has been open this week for students and staff. The excitement from the students has been great to see. You can see some of the facilities available to them on our College Facebook site.


We have started speaking to staff about the potential issues with traffic around the Gold Coast before, during and after the Commonwealth Games. It is estimated that the population of the Gold Coast will more than triple during the competition period with visitors, athletes and officials coming from all over the world. The organisers have been warning locals and commuters to explore different ways to get to work or move around the Gold Coast. The following link gives an indication of the road closures for the Games period.


It would be naïve to think that there will not be significant disruption to traffic flow during the Games and possibly even before and after the days of competition. I encourage all families to start thinking about alternate routes or modes of transport to get to and from the College during the last week of this term and the first week of next term, when the likely impact of the additional traffic could be significant. The actual impact is is still unknown but it is better to be prepared than not. Please start thinking about this now.


Thank you for your continued support.


Yours sincerely

Mark Sly - Principal

Wednesday, 24 January 2018 22:40

From the Principal's Desk - Week 1, Term 1 2018


Dear Parents, Staff and StudentsMark Sly1


Welcome back for the 2018 Academic year. It was lovely to welcome all new students and families to the College on Monday morning. The eagerness and excitement that permeated the Ivan Gibbs Centre with the new families was great to see. That same atmosphere intensified when all students returned to commence the term on Tuesday. It says something about our College that all students are so keen to return for the new year.


On Wednesday morning, we conducted our Student Leaders Induction Ceremony in the presence of families and students from Years 6-12. As always, we were fortunate to have all House Patrons or their family delegates with us for this occasion. We were particularly blessed to also have our Archbishop, the Most Reverend Dr Phillip Aspinall, with us to assist with the Induction process. His message for the start of the school year highlighted the importance of different generations in the community working together. I reminded our staff last week that we have five generations (in terms of how demographers measure generations) working together in our College. When we include grandparents that covers six generations in our community. What wisdom and experience that represents, and what a wonderful opportunity to learn from each other and care for each other. This of course nicely reinforces our Theme for 2018, Loving Life Together. We are confident that this theme will focus our attention on the importance of relationships that are at the heart of our College, to enable students and staff to flourish again in 2018.


The anticipation of The Pod has been tremendous. Such a complex building has taken longer than anticipated, but we are delighted to have taken possession of The Pod this week. The delay has put us a little behind where we wanted to be and there is some staff training yet to take place, but at this stage we should be using The Pod in the next couple of weeks. It is a magnificent building and the students will be in awe of what is on offer I have no doubt. You will have seen many photos of The Pod on our College Facebook site I imagine. While it has been frustrating at times, the end product has certainly been worth the wait.


Last Friday, we received some extremely sad news about former student Kristen-Lee Rechena, who tragically passed away peacefully in her sleep last Thursday morning. Kristen-Lee commenced her Preparatory year at Coomera Anglican College in 2000 and completed Year 12 in 2012. She was just 23 years old. Kristen-Lee had Adrenal Cancer and some other complications, which eventually took her life. We are extremely saddened by the loss of such a beautiful young woman and our deepest sympathy goes out to her parents Ina and Marcel and sister Kyla-Monique. Kristen-Lee’s funeral was held today, and was very well attended by many of her friends and family. It was a privilege to attend this celebration of her young life on behalf of the College community, to support this wonderful former College family. Please keep the Rechena family in your prayers as they come to grips with this sad loss.


Thank you for your continued support.


Yours sincerely

Mark Sly - Principal

Please note: The Uniform Shop will re-open on Tuesday 23 January 2018.

Online orders can be made at any time and will be delivered to the Secondary Admin for collection on Friday 19 January from 12 Noon onwards.
Please click this link for all items and to make purchases. Uniform Shop


•    Prep Boys and Girls in 2018 will wear sport shorts with the College polo shirt, white CAC socks and predominantly white joggers with Velcro.
•    Year 1 girls in 2018 will wear the dress and white hat.
•    Year 1 boys in 2018 will change to the checked shirt and formal hat.  Navy shorts remain the same as worn in Prep.
•    Year 1 boys and girls will need College sport shorts to wear with the polo shirt for P E lessons in 2018.
•    Year 4 boys in 2018 will wear navy formal shorts and belt, chambray shirt, knee high navy socks and a striped College tie.
•    Year 7 boys in 2018 will wear a College logo tie and fur felt hat.  They will also wear long trousers in Terms 2 and 3.
•    Year 7 girls in 2018 will wear the navy pleated skirt, checked blouse and navy cross-over tie.  Navy tights can be worn during Terms 2 and 3.
•    Year 7 girls and boys in 2018 will wear the College blazer during Terms 2 and 3.  
•    Year 10 boys in 2018 will wear the College white shirt with the navy formal shorts and senior boys tie.
•    Year 10 girls in 2018 will wear a College white blouse with the navy pleated skirt and senior girls tie.
•    Year 7 to 12 students will also have the option of wearing a College cap instead of a yard hat.


•    All 2018 Prep students are required to attend a Uniform Fitting appointment before the end of this Term where the Uniform requirements will be explained and Stationery should be purchased at this time.
Please click this link to make an appointment - Prep Uniform Fittings   

•    You are not required to make an appointment to purchase Uniforms for current students who are changing Uniforms.


Information regarding the ordering of Stationery Packs for 2018 will be sent to all families via email.
Prep, Year 1 and Year 2 Compulsory Stationery Packs are paid for at the Uniform Shop and delivered to the College in 2018. 
Stationery Packs for students in Years 3 to Year 12 may be ordered online and will be delivered to a specified address.

Wednesday, 29 November 2017 23:03

From the Principal's Desk - Week 9, Term 4 2017


Dear Parents, Staff and StudentsMark Sly1


It is hard to believe that this is the final news page from me for 2017. Our year of flourishing has been fabulous, and it has been a pleasure to watch all students grow and develop over the course of the year. Our celebration events are now all complete and we’ve crossed two bridges this week. Our traditions such as Crossing the Little Bridge from Pre-Prep to Prep, and Crossing the Bridge from Year 6 to Year 7 are important rites of passage for our students as they make their way through the College. Students have also experienced life in the next year level this week and now they will leave the College grounds this afternoon for the final time this year. The students will take home a copy of the 2017 Year Book which I commend to you. It is a wonderful volume of memories for the year. It is a high quality publication and I thank Ms Elda Koro for her great work in overseeing the production of the Year Book.


As students commence their summer holiday, it is important for them to reflect upon the year just passed. The student reports, which will be issued in the next few days, provide the perfect opportunity for parents to sit down with their children to talk about their achievements in 2017 and start thinking about goals for next year and beyond. Reflecting on past performance is an important part of the learning process, and it is good to discuss the progress made this year while it is still fresh and before holiday mode takes over. It is difficult to hit targets when you don’t know what you are aiming at, so setting goals is an important exercise for us all.


This week we farewell and thank some staff members who have been with us for some time. I want to take this opportunity to publicly thank and farewell the following staff:

Ms Tessa February, Ms Lucy Monk and Mr Dugald Allen have completed teaching contracts and I thank them.

Mrs Vikki Rees will not return after her extended period of leave. She has accepted another position in a school library.

Mrs Kellie Ayton has provided excellent service to Junior Secondary for 9 years. She is hoping to spend some more time with her young family, but may be back for some supply teaching.

Mrs Nicole Findlay leaves us to take up a position closer to her new home at the southern end of the Gold Coast. Mrs Findlay has provided excellent assistance to students in the Secondary Continuous Learning Centre, having previously taught in our Primary campus.

Mr Matthew Jorgensen leaves us after 18 years, having worked as a teacher and an IT specialist across the College. Mr Jorgensen has provided wonderful service to our College and has played a significant role in the development of our use of technology.

Mrs Amanda Shuttlewood is taking up a teaching and learning role at All Saints Anglican School after working tirelessly as a teacher, leader and mentor for the last 14 years. We will all miss her amazing organisation, calm manner and attention to detail.

Ms Anita Ramsay has secured a role as Head of Middle School at Matthew Flinders Anglican College on the Sunshine Coast, where her husband lives and works. She has been travelling between Brisbane, the Sunshine Coast and the Gold Coast for some time now and it will be lovely for her to finally spend more time with her husband. Ms Ramsay has been an incredible Head of Junior Secondary and will certainly be missed by students, parents and staff.

I am so grateful for the amazing contributions made by all these staff and thank them most sincerely as they leave us this week. Our community is richer for having had them with us.
I also want to take this opportunity to wish Miss Lucy Sly every blessing for her wedding on Saturday. We are praying for a fine day.


The year’s end seems to have come around so quickly. I think this is because our College is such a busy place. There are so many opportunities for students to become involved in a myriad of activities. I know many of our families are extremely busy keeping up with everything, running their children around to different activities, and making sure the timetable of events makes it to the family calendar. Our children are fortunate that they have caring families who take an active interest in keeping them fit, healthy and safe.



Thank you for your continued support.


Yours sincerely

Mark Sly - Principal

Student and Parent/Guardian Newsletter for School Bus Passes 2018

Students who have a current bus pass do not need to reapply for a bus pass.
However, if one of the following rules applies to you must submit a new application.

  1. Your child currently uses the bus but is going from Year 6 to Year 7
  2. You have changed address
  3. Are considering using school buses for the first time

Frequently asked questions and more information regarding bus passes can be found on our website.


slider surfside school

Reminder for return to school plans

As students prepare to finish up for the year and enjoy the festive seasons, we would like to send this newsletter for preparation for parents/guardians for their return to school plans.
Remember, your last year school bus driver or service may change. So please keep update with any changes through our website.
Know your child’s route or school service number. Did you know TransLink have an app which will send you notifications on your services? More information on the app is available on their their website.


Important contacts

Surfside Main Reception - 5552 2700
QLD Feedback and Timetable information - Translink 13 12 30
Lost Property - Surfside (07) 5552 2700
Surfside School Services - school-services/


Wednesday, 22 November 2017 03:40


As the end of the school year draws near, we would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge the many volunteers who have supported the College, our staff, and our students, throughout 2017.  We have an incredible spirit of community here at the College with more than 200 parents, grandparents and other members of our community volunteering their time to do “just one thing” - or, for most of those people, many things!  Your assistance is greatly valued and we are so fortunate to have your support.


We would like to make special mention of our wonderful 2017 PAFA Executive Committee for their efforts in coordinating Trivia Night, our Mothers’ and Fathers’ Day Gift Stalls and numerous Morning Tea activities throughout the year – thank you Amanda, Brian, Jess, Maria, Nadine, Paula, Tammie, Tara, and Tracey.


Volunteers do not necessarily have the time;
they have the heart”
-    Elizabeth Andrew

Vol collage


Welcome to our 2018 PAFA Executive Team


At the recent PAFA AGM, we are delighted to advise that the following parents accepted nominations to join the 2018 PAFA Executive Committee:

Chair:                  Brian Duncombe
Treasurer:           Amanda Oliver
Secretary:           Jessica Rennie
Fair Co-ord:        Nadine Fairweather
Executive:           Maria Twin, Paula Beckton, Tammie Bruns, Tanya Blackledge, Tracey Reeves


We look forward to working with you next year!


For any enquiries regarding PAFA, please email

Wednesday, 22 November 2017 03:18

AMEB - Flute Exam Results

A big congratulations to all the flute students who sat their exams.  Here are their fabulous results.


Tahlia Hanley Preliminary Recital Flute - A
Chelsea Owen Preliminary Flute - A+
Maylin Kim First Grade Recital Flute - A
Jessica Thompson First Grade Recital Flute - A
Lindsey White Second Grade Flute - B+
Grace Thomas Second Grade Recital Flute - B+
Sheridan de Borzatti Second Grade Recital Flute - B+
Josiah Glasson Second Grade Recital Flute - A
Georgia Cook Second Grade Recital Flute - B
Jessica Dobbie Third Grade Flute - B
Lily Taylor Fifth Grade Recital Flute - B+


Kathy Antill - Flute Tutor

Wednesday, 22 November 2017 00:32

From the Principal's Desk - Week 8, Term 4 2017


Dear Parents, Staff and StudentsMark Sly1


The Junior Secondary Celebration Evening held on Tuesday night was a great occasion to celebrate the achievements of many students. I was also impressed with the musical talent on display, and the confidence of all performers. There was an emotional moment or two when Ms Ramsay was farewelled on behalf of the Junior Secondary community. She has been a wonderful leader and mentor for staff and students over the last six and a half years as Head of Junior Secondary. We will miss her a great deal, but it is good to know that she will remain in the Anglican schools sector as she takes up a role at Matthew Finders Anglican College in Buderim. I was very pleased to hear such positive comments from the Archbishop about our College. He remarked on the strong culture of our College that was apparent to him, and the respect that was evident in all that occurred on the night. He commented that when you are inside an organisation and live and breathe what happens each day, it is sometimes easy to take things for granted, but as an outsider it was obvious to him what a strong, caring, supportive culture we have at Coomera Anglican College. Thank you to all staff, students and families for the role you play in developing and maintaining our positive culture. At the moment we are interviewing prospective staff members to replace some who are departing at the end of the year. Almost unanimously, each person has stated that our strong community culture is very much a key reason why they wish to work here.


This week we were delighted to hear that we have received nominations in the Gold Coast Theatre Awards for our production of Hairspray in five categories:


Best Actor in a Supporting Role – Harrison Hanley
Best Actress in a Leading Role – Kiera Banks
Joc and Beverly McIlwain Special Encouragement Award – Liam Owen-Jones
Best Costumes – Liz Brown
Best Musical Production – Coomera Anglican College (Kirsty Terry)


Congratulations to all involved in the Musical. We wait now with great anticipation to hear the announcement of the award winners.


We are proud to report that last night on the Network Ten’s The Project, Coomera Anglican College was announced as the winner of the 2017 Videos for Change challenge. The national competition run by High Resolves required Secondary students to develop and create a powerful one-minute video to empower positive social change. High Resolves, facilitate programmes that assist senior students with leadership. More than 100 videos were submitted from all over Australia, with each addressing social issues of their choice. This year's entries explored dementia, mental health, domestic violence and other important issues. Our College team, lead by Year 10 student Mackenzie Brown, explored social exclusion and used their one minute video to portray the issue in a subtle yet very powerful way. I congratulate the students and staff involved, if you have not seen the winning entry, please follow the link below.   

2017 Video for Change Winner


This week we have enjoyed final worships for many of our students. It has been delightful to hear the singing and to see the engagement of students across the College. Yesterday it was lovely to see the combined primary worship. The singing is always a feature of primary worship, and to have Years 2-6 together in one place was fabulous. Thank you to Reverend Mary-Anne for the great energy and planning that she puts into every worship session. She is able to adapt her style to suit students from Prep to Year 12 in an engaging and positive way.


This morning we were able to thank the volunteers who have assisted us during the year, in our annual volunteers’ morning tea. While we understand that many volunteers work, it was great to have almost forty who were able to attend. As I have stated many times, we could not operate as well or efficiently as we do without our wonderful volunteers. Thank you everyone who supports the College, our staff and students in this way each year.



Thank you for your continued support.


Yours sincerely

Mark Sly - Principal

Wednesday, 15 November 2017 23:32

Our eSmart Life

Coomera Anglican College is proudly an accredited eSmart School.  We are unmistakably proactive about educating our community to be safe online.  The eSmart Schools Strategy is an initiative of The Alannah and Madeline Foundation, an organisation dedicated to protecting children. 

“eSmart Schools is making a real difference in schools across all sectors and year levels, equipping them with the resources and knowledge to effectively create a school culture that embraces the positives of the ever-changing cyber-world.”  (eSmart Schools, The Alannah and Madeline Foundation)

Please check these valuable links and resources:

The CyberSafety Net The Alannah and Madeline Foundation Facebook Guide for Parents
esafety Iparent
ACMA Stay Smart Online
Thinkyouknow Digizen
Stay Safe Online snapchat support 

To report any inappropriate behaviour online (e.g. adults who you believe are acting inappropriately with or towards a child or seeking a child for inappropriate contact), please use the Australian Federal Police (AFP) Online Child Protection Form.

We recommend that all families create a technology plan so that family members can participate in an online world and minimise the safety issues that they can potentially face.  A family technology plan can address everything from health issues related using mobile devices to rules about technology use outside of the family home.  Some ideas for a technology plan include:

The Golden Rules

  • Internet access and the use of digital devices is a privilege, not a right
  • If I report unsafe incidents, and I have not done the wrong thing, I will not lose access
  • Nothing I put on the internet is private, including my emails, and mum and dad have the right to access any and all of my digital content
  • Just because a movie or song is on the internet, it doesn’t mean it is free (NO illegal downloading)
  • If you are deleting your internet history, you must have something to hide


  • Technology1  Technology2

Hardware and Data Protection

  • Hide your Wifi name and have a strong password (see below)
  • Download MS Security Essentials and regularly update/run scans
  • Steer clear of peer to peer sharing sites, flash games and bit torrent sites
  • Delete dodgy, unsolicited emails
  • Don't click on the 'You just won …' type links
  • Filters - K9, Windows Live Family Safety
  • Parental Control Bar - block sites
  • Backup your important stuff in two other locations – external hard drive, SkyDrive, etc
  • Always ask before downloading programmes or apps


  • Ctrl + H - check internet history
  • Alt + Tab - toggle between open windows
  • Click and hold back arrow - current session sites visited
  • PrtScn / Snipping Tool - screenshot
  • Press windows key for taskbar - shows communication tools running in the background
  • Windows key + D for desktop


  • All devices turned off and in common place for charging after agreed time at night
  • Social networking only allowed on handheld devices, not school computer
  • If a child wants to have an account, mum and dad must have access - friend, log in details, etc
  • Stick to age restrictions - no compromise
  • No personal info like full name, location, phone number, etc
  • Report all dodgy stuff or lose access
  • Read privacy policy, find out what happens to your content
  • Establish maximum screen time access amounts
  • No access until homework is finished, chores completed
  • When is it acceptable to be using our devices? (NOT: at dinner, when we have visitors, in bed, before 7:30 am, after 8:00 pm, when watching TV, etc)
  • Whatever rules I have at home will be observed everywhere else

Account Security

  • Don't share passwords with anyone but your parents
  • I must get permission before signing up to a site or filling out a form
  • Do not use credit cards to sign up or pay for stuff
  • Create and use strong passwords:

            - 8 characters
            - Capitals and Lower case
            - Digits
            - Symbols


  • I will always be respectful, honest, truthful, courteous and use the manners my family has instilled in me
  • Never, ever meet with someone you met online unless mum or dad comes along too
  • Do not discuss, post or send without permission of all parties
  • No chatrooms - ever
  • Following or friending nasty or dodgy people makes me guilty by association, and reflects poorly on me and my family

Social Networking

All social networking sites have a 13 + age limit.  This includes Facebook, Twitter, Kik,, Snapchat and Google+. If your child is not over 13 years of age, the College strongly recommends that you do not let them have an account.  Children under this age are not equipped with the necessary maturity and skills to use these tools safely. They are essentially mixing in an adult world and can be exposed to anonymous adults with nasty intentions and inappropriate digital content.

COPPA, or the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act, applies to children under the age of 13. It is an act initiated in the United States of America, but all website operators must comply with the act if they want their sites to be accessible in the USA.  It was designed to protect the information of minors and their privacy.  

If your son or daughter has a social networking account and they are under 13, they are breaking the policy guidelines of the sites. Messaging apps like iMessage may have no age limit but still, need to be monitored.

Many parents think they are doing a nice thing by letting their child sign up to Instagram or another social networking tool. They think that it will allow them to stay in touch with their friends, and besides, all the other students use those sites anyway.  Then they wonder why their child is upset when they are bullied, excluded or they witness explicit material that is violent, sexual or abusive.  If your child is in Primary school, they are not mature enough to have a social networking account. Children also need to realise that just because they have turned 13, it doesn’t mean that they automatically have the right to join Facebook.  

One way to ensure that your child is using social networking tools correctly is to have access to their account on your phone or tablet. When you are ready for them to join up, have them sign in on your device as well so that you can keep an eye on the content being shared. Another way is to follow their account with your own account.

If you have any questions about anything to do with CyberSafety or our eSmart Schools Strategy, please contact Warren McMahon or visit our

Wednesday, 15 November 2017 05:37

Reminder: Stationery Pack Ordering for 2018

This year all Stationery Packs ordered on-line before Friday 1 December 2017 will be delivered to your nominated residential address between Monday 8 January and Friday 12 January 2018.  Alternately, Stationery Packs may be collected from the Campion Education Retail Store, Unit 5, 121 Evans Road Salisbury QLD 4107, during business hours after Monday 8 January 2018.

You will be able to access booklists from Year Three through to Year Twelve and place your order via the Campion website:

  • Go to
  • Select ORDER NOW
  • Select State
  • Select School
  • Enter the 4-digit code of XDG9
  • Select Year Level.

Please note that Prep, Year One and Year Two 2018 Stationery Packs should be paid for at the Uniform Shop or online through this link.  These will be delivered to the College for distribution by Teachers.

Campion Education will accept and process on-line orders, but please note that any orders placed after the ordering deadline of 1 December 2017 will incur a higher delivery fee (up to $19.95).


Dear Parents, Staff and StudentsMark Sly1


It is hard to believe that we will farewell the Year 12 students tomorrow. This week there have been a number of rehearsals and events that have been leading up to their final day tomorrow. Not only has their final year gone very quickly (although some of them may dispute that statement), but their whole 13 years at school seems to have passed in a flash. Tomorrow I will make reference to 33 students who have completed their entire schooling at Coomera Anglican College. That number is the largest number we have had in this situation, and is significant given that there were only three Prep classes when they commenced in 2005. In fact back then Prep was not offered in most Queensland schools, so our students were ahead of their time right from their first school day. It is always sad to farewell the Year 12s, particularly when many of them have been part of our College for so long. However, it is also a time for celebrating this important milestone, and I look forward to shaking their hands tomorrow at the end of the Guard of Honour. I imagine each of them will leave tomorrow with mixed feelings; happy to have completed Year 12, yet sad about not returning next year. One very positive aspect of our College is that many of them will come back to visit us in the years ahead as tends to happen with each departing cohort. I take this opportunity to thank each departing student for their contribution to Coomera Anglican College and to wish them well for the future. I look forward to the final function – the Valedictory Dinner tomorrow night.


The final Worship Service for Year 12 took place on Tuesday afternoon. This was a lovely way to start the farewells and was very capably led by the 2017 Faith Prefects Carla Coetzee, Kate Tonkin and Conor Bronson. There were three ‘special guests’ who came to sing for the senior students: Year 1F sang Hosanna complete with actions, Year 2J and Mr Davis sang Bless the Lord and a vocal group of Year 9 students sang True Colours. All three were beautiful performances and made the Year 12s in particular feel very special. The singing by all students throughout the worship which was led by Year 12 was impressive, and indicated just how much their cohort really appreciate their time in Worship.


Last Friday we enjoyed the Prep, Year 1 and Year 2 Celebration Events and they were followed by a very enjoyable Senior Secondary Celebration Evening last night. Congratulations to all involved and to the award winners in particular. Each student should be striving for their personal best at all times, with any award won being less significant than the effort and the gains made by each individual. Every student can and should be celebrating their own gains and achievements each year, and setting new goals for the following year. The remaining Celebration Evenings to be held over the next two weeks will be equally enjoyable I am sure.


Thank you for your continued support.

Yours sincerely

Dr Mark Sly - Principal

Thursday, 09 November 2017 01:02

From the Principal's Desk - Week 6, Term 4 2017

Dear Parents, Staff and StudentsMark Sly1

From my office this week I have heard a number of Celebration Evening rehearsals with many excited young children coming and going to the Ivan Gibbs Centre to practise their moment on stage. I love this time of year when the enthusiasm seems to exude from every pore of many youngsters as they fine tune their singing, dancing and movement onto and off the stage. Credit must go to the diligent teachers who create such great opportunities for each child to shine throughout these Celebration Events. Tomorrow we will see the culmination of all the patient work of teachers, and the talents of the students from Prep, Year 1 and Year 2 as they enjoy their Celebration Events, at 9am, 11am and 1pm respectively. Traffic flow in the main car park could be problematic given that there will be 17 buses in that area taking secondary students off to APS sport finals from around noon. Please be patient, and follow the directions of staff in the car parks to avoid any potential incidents. I understand that Mr Kirkpatrick has suggested that parents coming to the Celebration Events should park in the Primary campus where possible.

Student Leaders Elect for 2018

This afternoon the announcements were made for the Year 12 Leaders Elect for 2018.
Congratulations to these students:

College Captains Kiera Banks Kyle Bartlett
SRC Chair 
Deenie Mansfield
House Captains
Gibbs Tayla Cornish Jack Bowser
Smith Piper Williams Amber Davidson
Morris Chloe Geyer Amber Hurley
Lane Jasmine Ruck Connor Pryce
Academic Riley Hickey Kelly Lee Bobby Melhem Benjamin Wieser
Cultural Bree Gulyas Liam Owen-Jones Alexa Ripsher
Faith Annastasia Black Rebecca Osborne Nicole Slabbert
Service Hunter Heck Lily Tiley-Sayer Jebranca Spies
Sport Zoe Ayres Imogen Noon Ethan Owen Saxon Want

I am very confident that these students will lead the College well in 2018. The handover of leadership symbols will take place at the Senior Secondary Celebration Evening next Wednesday, and the formal leadership induction ceremony takes place early next year.

At the moment, Junior Secondary Leaders are about to be announced and Primary students are preparing to deliver their leadership speeches. While it is an exciting time for students stepping into formal roles, all students in Years 12, 9 and 6 are regarded as leaders in the College. Informal leadership is very significant in a community like ours.

Thank you for your continued support.

Yours sincerely

Dr Mark Sly - Principal

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