College Purpose and Values | Coomera Anglican College

Values Culture

Imagine, Listen, Respect - is the language of our values culture. These core values underline the principles of the College and ultimately provide a sense of College community, so that together, we can dream and grow.

Our Purpose is to:

 “Inspire excellence in teaching, learning, service and faith.”

College Logo

Our logo reflects the traditional heritage of the Anglican Church and the contemporary ideals of a modern College in a developing world. Elements of our logo include:


The supportive and caring College Community is represented by the adult figure placing its hands on the shoulders of the child who, in turn, reaches out to adult


The flash of light represents the development of the whole student, spiritually, emotionally, physically, culturally, socially and academically.


Personal development and the growth of the wider Coomera Community is represented by three leaves.


The open book represents reading, knowledge and the pursuit of academic excellence.


Just as the Cross is at the centre of the logo, the Anglican tradition is central to every aspect of College life.

The logo is a registered trademark of the College and cannot under any circumstances be used or reproduced without permission from the College. Requests must go through the Principal or Business Manager.