Terror Tower (2004) | Coomera Anglican College

The Primary musical production of Terror Tower in 2004 was an outstanding success. The production was highly professional and the students were sensational. As the Director, I wrote Terror Tower in order to cast 240 students using an original script and a selection of contemporary 'scary' songs. The end result was an action packed performance full of unexpected surprises!

Terror Tower is about a group of Primary students who get lost while on a school excursion in an old, vacant and run down tower. While trying to find their way out of the tower the students encounter a variety of strange and unusual beings including ghosts (5P), monsters (4A), the Addams Family (4M), horror movie characters (5J), moving pieces of fabric (7T), Time Warp characters (6PH), skeletons (6N), ad other thrilling and scary ghouls (7T). 

From the beginning, the students understood the professional nature of this particular project. The students in lead roles excelled in their performances and demonstrated the utmost commitment and responsibility. In addition, the entire cast of students donated a number of lunch hours to rehearse class dance items and learn difficult moves and grooves!

Terror Tower was also a very special project in that the musical drew upon the creative inspiration of a variety of gifted students from the Secondary campus. In particular, a number of talented Secondary dance students gave up much of their time to create and rehearse exciting choreographed dances with the Primary students. 

Thank you to everyone involved for your dedicated help and support which lead to the successful culmination of this production.

Natasha Materne
- Director