Sweet Ever After (2011) | Coomera Anglican College

The 2011 Musical Revue, Sweet Ever After, reinvigorated the timeless theme of growing up, with the story of Penny, Mary, Sophie, Ellie and Carey and the bonds that carried them through childhood; celebrating some of the special moments which form milestones inour own lives - the innocent play, first sleepover, best friends, graduation and growing up. These experiences help to develop our character, influence our choices and come to define who we are as members of society,

Sweet Ever After was not a traditional musical, but rather a musical revue, incorporating a number of Broadway classics such as Food Glorious Food, Hard Knock Life, Castle on a Cloud as well as songs from modern musicals like Wicked. 

As a young College we have celebrated any milestones ourselves and this was yet another one. Sweet Ever After, written and directed by Mrs Naomi Murphy, represented the first College musical to be written by a member of staff which incorporates students from Years 1 - 12 in a single production. It included 240 performers and eight support crew which was a substantial proportion of our student community. From our youngest Minnesingers to the Year 12 performers and crew, our students form a cohesive team.

Sweet Ever After utilized the latest media/ theater technology to create multiple images of background scenery through short throw digital projectors and multiple screens. We also employed a sophisticated lighting design to capture and enhance student performances. 

The dedicated staff required to manage these groups were substantial and they functioned like a well oiled machine. It was indeed a pleasure to work with such wonderful people who were so committed to caring for the young people entrusted to them.