Man of Steel (2005) | Coomera Anglican College

The Secondary musical production of Man of Steel in 2005 was truly a "Super" production and a great success! This musical comedy send up of Superman was well received by audiences with its witty writing and sense of fun and humor. It was performed with a degree of professionalism and the students were excellent.

The end result was an action packed performance full of comedy, dance and very corny jokes! The senior students fleshed their over the top cartoon like characters and breathed new life into the script. I can say that I was very proud of their commitment and determination to bring such a mammoth project to fruition.

Man of Steel was only a success due to the diligence of students and staff who sacrificed their time for this labor of love. From the first rehearsal, the students accepted the professional nature of the production. They excelled in their performances and demonstrated an utmost commitment and responsibility to the dramatisation of the play. In addition, several of the cast, crew and staff donated many lunch hours, two after school rehearsals each week and some Saturdays to get this very complex play to appear seamless. To juggle this with study and work was very difficult and I admire and respected everyone's ability to achieve this rewarding task.

Put simply, it was a lot of work but it was worth it!

Robert Napier
- Director