Grease (2007) | Coomera Anglican College

It was a “Summer of Lovin” this year as the Primary and Secondary campuses got together like “Rama lama lama!” This year, the students joined hands to produce the musical romance between Danny Zuko sand Sandy Dumbrowski. Of course, this well known musical hit was none other than GREASE! C’mon! Give us a break… there are worse things we could have done!

Each performance night was rewarded with a “raining” applause that bucketed down so heavily that “all we got was a runny nose”. There are many reasons why the ovations occurred on both nights, it is important to acknowledge each aspect of the show that contributed to this success. 

Many students showcased their natural talents on the stage for this extravagant production. Whether they were acting, singing or dancing the students really made a tremendous effort to perform beyond the height of their abilities.
The tireless efforts from the costume designers ensured that each and every outfit was so dazzling that the students wearing them didn’t even have to say “Look at me” … well, everyone except Sandra Dee of course. 

The moves were “Shakin” at this “High School” when two dance troupes and one chorus group took to the stage. The “Hand Jive” saw over seventy students on stage at the same time! What a squeeze!

A generous contribution from the Art and Design Technology departments saw an interchangeable set that brought to life the schoolyard of Rydell High and the magnificent interior of the Burger Place. And who could forget ol’ Grease Lightnin’ with ‘new pistons, plugs and shocks’? Pink and green have never been so cool.

The smorgasbord of stage lights used in GREASE lit the Ivan Gibbs Centre like “lighting” and the “chrome plated” disco ball shone like a “full moon”. We even had a “fuel injected” smoke machine! However, during rehearsals the button jammed and all of the actors were ”All Choked Up”. We were impressed with the high level of professionalism from the technical and stage crew!

“As we go trav’lling down life’s highway”, and reflect on this invaluable experience, we learnt that Coomera Anglican College students were “Born to Hand Jive, Baby!’ They should all be proud of their commitment and dedication to a superb production.

- The Greasers