Aladdin Jr. (2013) | Coomera Anglican College

Salam! And a thousand more greetings to you, worthy travellers! Might I interest you in a tale? It is a tale of mystery, enchantment and an unexpected love. It all begins in the grand city of Agrabah, where adventure and intrigue are status quo. Our story follows the adventures of a brave, lucky and lovable street-rat, by the name of Aladdin, who falls for Princess Jasmine, future ruler of Agrabah. Aladdin gets into trouble with the law, specifically the secretive and scheming Royal Vizier, Jafar, and his henchmen, who order Aladdin locked up. But in Agrabah, nothing is as it seems, and a dirty old lamp may just change Aladdin's life forever. Will he be reunited with his love? And what will happen when Aladdin gets in the way of Jafar's villainous plans? 

Trouble? No way, you’re only in trouble if you get caught.

A cast of over 50 students, a talented orchestra, backstage helpers, tech crew and a passionate team of staff were behind this fabulous production of Aladdin Jr. in May 2013.

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