7 x 7 x 7 - Business Networking Function - Theme: Safeguard, Sustain, Support

You are warmly invited to join us for the College’s 3rd annual 73 Networking Function, proudly presented by Business Partners@Coomera.  This unique event will be held on Tuesday 22 August 2017 in the Lecture Theatre, and will feature 7 speakers, each speaking for 7 minutes on 7 topics, followed by refreshments and the opportunity to meet the speakers and mingle with fellow audience members.  DOWNLOAD FLYER HERE

We are honoured to present a panel of guest speakers who are championing causes that safeguard, sustain, and support a better future for the community.  From the life-saving work of a LifeFlight Nurse, and a young Psychologist helping families deal with post-natal depression, to the planet-saving benefits of clean solar energy, safeguarding the health of our students by reducing chemical use in school cleaning, and the inspirational efforts of the Sea World Rescue team, our speakers will share their passions, personal stories and anecdotes.

Joining our 73 podium:

Joshua Ball         “Saving Lives - Anywhere, Anytime”

Alissa Williams  “Wellness Matters”

Steven Powell    “Switch On To Solar”

Nicola Callard    “Saving Queensland Families”

Steven Tapsall   “Green Innovation”

Ben Callard         "Saving Sport"

Belle McCarthy  “Saving Our Oceans”

With 2016 College Captain, Anja van Aswegen as our Guest MC, this is sure to be a wonderfully entertaining evening and we’d love you to join us!